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5 Ways Massage Guns Enhances Muscle Recovery

People often create their own workouts according to their body’s needs and capabilities, but there are common practices that help beginners and veterans alike achieve a well-rounded fitness routine. Warming up the body before an intensive workout, for instance, is a widespread tip that minimizes the chances of sustaining injuries. 

After workouts, sports events, and any other rigorous activities that put your body under extreme strain, it’s important to provide ample time to let your strained muscles heal before getting back to the grind. Post-workout recovery looks different for everyone, but innovative “recovery” tools can fast-track the healing process and complement physical therapy: massage guns. 

What Is a Massage Gun, and How Does It Aid Muscle Recovery?

Portable massagers come in an array of sizes, shapes, and specifications, but they generally rely on vibrations and percussions to increase the blood flow in the body. Inviting more blood to the torn muscle tissue can promote healing, while the gentle yet repeated pressure helps break down adhesion and relaxes tense areas. 

Generally, a massage gun works just like deep tissue massage; the only difference is you can achieve the same relief before, during, or after your workout. For instance, exposing the body to vibrations before exercising can improve circulation and flexibility, reducing the risks of overtraining the body. 

Different Ways a Massage Gun Can Benefit Your Fitness Regimen 

Meanwhile, the smooth percussion a massage gun produces can facilitate better blood circulation, allowing the body to produce more oxygen and nutrients for speedier muscle recovery. Beyond healing, the vibrating effect can also expand your range of motion and improve your overall athletic performance. 

Other ways a massage gun can improve your fitness regimen — from your warm-up to your post-workout recovery includes the following: 

  1. Release tension and fluid in the muscles, leading to increased tissue metabolism; 
  2. Improve blood and lymphatic circulation;
  3. Releases the build-up of lactic acid in the body after an intensive and physically laborious activity;
  4. Stimulates nerve receptors and enhances mobility; 
  5. Reducing risks of strains or sprains, leading to better flexibility.

The Bottom Line: Using Massage Guns to Aid Your Post Workout Recovery

Massage guns are not a replacement for professional physical therapy, but it’s an excellent aid that can guarantee quick relief for busy-bodies who need muscle relief but don’t have the time to visit a wellness spa. 

It also complements massage therapy since anyone can continue relieving sore spots any time of the day, so you don’t need to wait until the next session with your therapist to relax your overworked muscles.

Where Can You Find the Best Massage Gun in Canada

If you’re looking to bolster your muscle recovery, we offer the best percussion massager for anyone looking for quick and easy ways to ease muscle tightness, joint pain, stiffness, or simply improve blood circulation. 

Whether you’re a professional athlete, sports enthusiast, gym buff, or need accessible, at-home physical remedies for chronic muscle pain, our extensive selection of massage guns can guarantee relief on the go!