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sports massage

A Comprehensive Guide to Sports Massage: What to Know

Athletes, especially professional athletes, rely on their bodies to make a living. Sports are very physical activity, both professional or otherwise. Since it’s physical, there are times where accidents may happen, and their body will be badly affected. To combat the stresses that an athlete’s body sustains during games, sports massages are a solution.

A sports massage is a deep-tissue massage that focuses on relaxing the soft tissues in the body. These soft tissues include muscles, ligaments, and tendons, depending on which body part is the most affected.

A sports massage is an excellent way to recover, especially for active people, even if they are not athletes. What exactly is a sports massage, and what does it do for the body? Read on below to learn more.

More About Sports Massage

Aside from the definition stated above, there’s more to sports massages. Sports massages are also used as a treatment measure for significant injuries. Since a deep-tissue massage targets specific body parts, the body parts in question will gradually heal and will be corrected in due time. However, this only applies if a sports massage session is taken routinely.

The term “sports massage” is too broad a definition because it comes in various techniques that can be used depending on the patient. Below are some of the methods that are used in sports massages.

  • Swedish style massage
  • Kneading
  • Effleurage
  • Compression
  • Friction
  • Percussion
  • Vibration
  • Gliding
  • Rhythmic striking

During a Session

When you get to your sports massage appointment, your therapist will take note of several details. These details include the current state of your health, medical history, any allergies, the physical activities that you involve yourself in, and the area in your body where there’s pain.

During the massage itself, your therapist will focus only on your problem area. They may move on to a full-body massage if the situation calls for it. They also use specialized tools that can help with the pain as well.

The Benefits

Since sports massages help alleviate body pain, the prime benefit of it is that it helps if you exert yourself too much during physical activity. Below are the benefits that you can get if you get a sports massage.

  • Increased range of motion
  • Enhanced reflexes
  • Relieves muscle spasms

Since sports massages relax the body, they can help with proper blood circulation, especially in the affected areas. Aside from that, the body’s relaxed state allows for a decreased fatigue and faster recovery rate. Other positive effects include improved sleep, reduced symptoms of anxiety, and overall a generally better mood.

When Can You Get a Sports Massage?

Generally, the time that you should get a sports massage varies depending on the person. As stated earlier, sports massages are suitable for physically active and those who aren’t as well. For physically active people, they should schedule a sports massage appointment routinely.

If you have an upcoming major sporting event, it’s best to get a sports massage about 3 or 4 days before the event. Since getting one relaxes your body and muscles, it allows for outstanding performance during the day of the event itself.

You can pretty much get a sports massage almost anytime you want for those who aren’t physically active. If you work long hours and cannot engage in physical activity, it’s good to get a sports massage every once in a while. If you sustain an injury despite not being physically active, it’s essential to get a sports massage as part of your rehabilitation.

There are certain conditions where you can’t get a sports massage. Typically, these conditions are whenever you’re sick. You can’t get a sports massage if you have:

  • Fever
  • Heart-related illnesses
  • Recent surgeries
  • Hematoma (deep-colored bruises)
  • Cancer


Sports massages are not just for comfort but also for healing purposes as well. The best thing about sports massages is that anyone, physically active or otherwise can do them. You should also get one yourself because it helps you in the long run.

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