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A Quick Guide to Percussive Therapy: What to Know

Exercising is necessary for holistic health. For many, spending hours working out is a necessity. It can be therapeutic, which is why many are willing to test the boundaries and push themselves to the limit. Nothing’s more rewarding than seeing what your body is physically capable of doing, especially if you’ve hit that 200th sit-up or finally lifted that 50kg barbell. 

Such rewards, however, often come with a price—sore muscles and aching limbs. This is especially true right after intense workouts, thereby necessitating you to take good care of your body. Bear in mind that recovery is just as important as your routines, as you’ll want to help your blood continue circulating properly. 

How do you make sure that this happens, however? Most people remain unaware, but percussion therapy is slowly becoming a buzzword in the fitness world—and here’s how it can benefit you:

What is percussive therapy?

Percussive therapy is somewhat similar to massage therapy, and it uses vibrations to relax muscle tissues and decrease their tension. This form of therapy makes use of a scientifically set depth and speed to penetrate deep into the muscles and ease the built-up tension. The vibrations also send sensations that override the pain signals that are being sent to your brain, thus preventing the experience of soreness.

We often feel pain that penetrates deep muscles in multiple areas of our body. These painful spots may be aggravated by pressure and may remain painful even with the help of traditional massages. However, percussion therapy shocks the muscle fibers and alleviates the sensation of pain surrounding the sore muscle area. Through this process, the muscles can reach relaxation in a painless manner.

Traditional massage techniques may not be able to penetrate deep into the muscles and effectively relax the target area. Moreover, traditional massage can cause even more pain because of the associated pressure in the usual techniques, further aggravating the feeling of soreness. In contrast, percussive therapy can penetrate deep into the muscles and target the root cause of the pain, all while being a painless process.

What are the benefits of percussion therapy?

Percussion therapy has been designed to specifically target deep tissue muscles, which then helps them regain proper blood circulation and oxygen distribution. This is particularly helpful for problematic topical areas, which usually happen post-workout. Pain and cramps often plague individuals and reducing these instances allows the body to heal and recover faster.

Percussion therapy is also used as a warm-up, especially since it can treat muscles better than normal massage sessions. It also allows a muscle group to be targeted effectively, whether through toning, tension relief, and even support. 

The Bottom Line

Percussion therapy may seem rather daunting, but it’s gaining attention for a reason—people who are physically active can benefit from multiple sessions, especially when it comes to muscle healing and recovery. Any stiffness, tension, and soreness can be effectively relieved, thereby allowing the body to heal better. In essence, percussion techniques help you feel better—even if you’re not as physically active as an athlete. 

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