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Are You Using Your Massage Gun Effectively: 3 Tips to Remember

If you can’t get to a massage or physical therapist to help treat your aches and pains, a massage gun can be an excellent alternative for relief. Such devices relieve tightness and soreness in your muscles. 

Today, people of all ages and professions are now using what once was only popular in the fitness industry. After all, everyone experiences some form of muscle pain—and any bit of relief helps!

Massage guns are an excellent investment in muscle health and have many benefits, including stress relief, increasing range of motion, faster recovery after workouts, and much more. 

Why Should I Use a Massage Gun?

A massage gun can relieve any type of muscular pain or soreness. Whether you’re a fitness novice trying to hold on to your New Year’s resolution of getting in a workout three times a week or a professional athlete that trains every day, you will benefit from a percussion massage.

If you’re stuck at your office desk all day, a personal massage gun can ease away that stubborn knot at the back of your neck. The gentle pressure decreases muscle tightness and softens adhesions. You just have to make sure you’re using your massage gun effectively.

The best percussion massagers can deliver quick relief to the parts of your body that carry your stress. Follow these tips to make sure that you’re using your muscle massager the right way and get the best results: 

1. Keep It Moving

The most effective way to use a massager is to introduce movement. Don’t just hold it in place on top of the affected muscle—move it around as much as possible to increase blood flow and stimulate deep tissue. 

Work along the thickest part of the muscle, and don’t aim toward any of your joints. Just skim it back and forth along the muscle span.

2. Don’t Press Too Hard

Massage guns come with a wide range of speed levels and settings. However, there’s usually no need to go up to maximum power just to soothe your muscle pain. There’s no need to press too hard, either—use your muscle massager like a foam roller, and use lingering, moderate pulses.

3. Timing Is Important 

The length of the massage depends on what your muscles need. If you come across stubborn knots, you’ll need to work on it for quite a bit.

The general recommendation is to use the massager anywhere between 15 seconds to two minutes: 

30-second muscle activation – This is the ideal length of time to wake your muscles up before you start your workout. Percussive therapy increases blood flow into your targeted muscles and prepares your body for activity. Aim your massage gun at the muscle groups you’re training that day—target your lats if it’s arm day or your calf muscles if you’re going for a run.  

15-second muscle activation – If you’re getting tired mid-workout, a 15-second burst of pressure can re-energize your muscles and keep you going for longer. Again, this increases blood flow and loosens your muscle for the rest of your workout. 

2-minute pain relief – Sore or aching muscles greatly benefit from at least two minutes of hovering massage action. This time, the pressure will help take your body down from its heightened state and shifts your muscles into recovery mode.


A massage gun is a fantastic, affordable hand-held tool that can relieve all types of muscle pain. To get the most out of your massage gun, gently pulse along the affected muscle line—don’t stay still, and don’t just blast your muscle with the maximum speed. You should be able to feel a significant difference even after only one to two minutes of use. 

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