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Back Pain in Teenagers: Addressing the Growing Concern

Given the global pandemic, we are forced to stay home the majority of the time. At home, we are subject to prolonged lounging on the couch or extended periods in bed. Unfortunately, such excessive physical inactivity related to home isolation undoubtedly leads to back pain for young and old people.

With that said, we are seeing a rise in back discomfort among teenagers. Read on as we discuss the growing concern of back pain among teenagers.

The Symptoms and Causes of Back Pain

The back pain symptoms include numbness, sluggishness, rheumatism, tenderness, and a visible spinal malformation. These manifest due to causes such as inactivity, malnutrition or poor diet, injuries, undiagnosed underlying illnesses, and spinal compression.

Although back pain is known to go away on its own, this notion is not applicable for severe cases. To properly address back pain among younger people, it’s best to seek medical help and undergo physical therapy. With today’s medical advancements, we are given more opportunities for accurate diagnoses to rule out potentially fatal illnesses such as congenital spine anomalies or spinal malignancies.

The Diagnosis

Whether you’re a teenager experiencing back pain, or a parent of a child experiencing back pain, the ideal step is to speak with a medical professional. With the right advice, you’ll be given steps to schedule an appointment. Note that a complete spinal check-up is the only way to accurately diagnose back pain.

Once you or your child attend a medical appointment, you might be subject to a physical exam. A physician will perform this physical exam to search for abnormalities in the spinal column. If any abnormalities are discovered, you may be referred for further testing, such as a CT scan or an MRI. After this routine, you may get a final diagnosis from your doctor.

The Possible Treatments

It is advised that adolescents and teenagers seek medical assistance first to receive tailored counsel and a diagnosis. The reason for this is simple: Accurate diagnosis paves the way for proper treatment. The treatment for back pain is determined by the type of pain and the symptoms.

With that said, teenagers experiencing back pain should get a diagnosis first before undergoing treatment. And due to a teenager’s rapidly developing body, these steps must be done as soon as possible to avoid major back problems later in life.

While there are various options for back pain treatment, the safest and most common is physical therapy. This treatment is beneficial for anybody experiencing back pain or discomfort, whether young or old. Its main objective is to rehabilitate the spine to its normal curvature and alleviate any back discomfort. Depending on the severity of a patient’s case, physical therapy can take multiple sessions, spaced out between months.


Usually, back pain in youngsters is nothing to worry about as it will most likely go away on its own. If anything, healthy lifestyle adjustments will do the trick. However, getting a diagnosis is the only surefire way to rule out severe conditions. By being aware of all the risk factors of back pain, you get to locate the source of the problem and heal up before it worsens.

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