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Sore Muscle Relief: Comparing Massage Guns and Foam Rollers

Muscle soreness is not exclusive to professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts. There are many reasons for a muscle to become sore; maybe you slept on it wrong the previous night, maybe you don’t take time to stretch while working at your desk, or maybe you pulled a muscle while playing with your kids or pets.

No matter the reason for your pain, the health and wellness and fitness industries are all clamouring to tell you about the best way to deal with that soreness. Decades ago, the only option for muscle pain was an ice pack, some ibuprofen, and sleep. Today, research into the human musculoskeletal system has brought about a technological revolution for sore muscle relief with no need for drugs.

What Causes Sore Muscles

Before talking about how to relieve sore muscles, it’s important to discuss what causes sore muscles in the first place. If you know the root cause of the pain, you will be able to determine the best way to solve it.

Every movement of the body is done through bones, muscles, ligaments, and joints. The musculoskeletal system is thoroughly interconnected, and all these parts and systems work together to make simple and complex tasks flow very smoothly. Muscle pain (myalgia) results from stress or tension in the muscle. Common causes include overuse or injury due to repetitive or demanding physical activity or even simple muscle tension.

A pulled muscle occurs when a muscle is stretched beyond its limit, usually due to fatigue or improper use. For example, jumping into an exercise routine without a proper warm-up can lead to muscle strain that will keep you down for several days. Many people can power through mild tears, but more severe damage or tears in the muscle require medical treatment.

Massage Guns Vs. Foam Rollers

Massage guns and foam rollers have similar purposes: pain relief through targeting sore muscles. They are known to be effective whether the pain is due to too much exercise, no exercise, or day-to-day muscle stiffness. Both are used to release lactic acid buildup that causes muscle soreness. They also promote blood circulation so overworked muscles can recover more quickly.

Foam Roller – Foam rollers look like shorter, thicker pool noodles. It’s simple and easy to use—all you need is a clean floor or a yoga mat. You can set it on the floor and use your body weight to roll it on your back or under your legs to loosen tight muscles. It is specifically designed for use on large muscle groups (back, legs, shoulders) instead of targeted relief.

Massage Gun – Professional athletes have been using massage guns for years, and these high-tech devices have begun to penetrate the mass market. Muscle relief is achieved through percussive therapy—a rubber mallet pulses on your muscle, and you can use different settings depending on how deeply you need relief. They are portable devices with healthy battery life so that you can take them anywhere.

The main advantage to using a massage gun is that it is a self-powered device that offers targeted relief wherever you need it. You are in complete control of the intensity and force being exerted on your target muscle. Unlike a simple foam roller, you can exert more power and autonomy on where you can receive its percussive massage effect.


The classic foam roller can do wonders for your large muscle groups, but in the end, there’s really no contest. Massage guns are powerful, portable, and versatile, allowing you to aim them wherever you need relief from muscle soreness. Applying even just a few seconds of targeted pressure to your muscles can significantly reduce spasms and painful contractions.

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