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Dealing with Post-Pregnancy: The Value of Percussion Massage

pregnant woman

Pregnancy is a beautiful gift that allows you to share a newborn child with someone you love. However, there’s no denying that people generally downplay the true difficulties of experiencing “labor pains.” Pregnant women have to deal with several daily adjustments, from diet restrictions to occasional hormone imbalances and physical pain. This is why being pregnant is a lot more like a challenge than what people would like to reveal.

People cope with pain in different ways, whether from physical or emotional states. Some opt to get over their pain by satisfying their food cravings. In contrast, others like to feel being in control through meditation and other relaxing exercises. Percussion massage is one way for pregnant ladies to soothe their physical and mental stresses simultaneously.

How is percussion massage beneficial to pregnant women?

Traditional pregnancy massage refers to hands-on massage treatments that are necessary to relax you before and after pregnancy. Multiple studies show that therapeutic pregnancy massages can decrease anxiety, improved sleeping patterns, and lower stress levels. The treatment’s main objective is to relieve pain and enhance your immune system, giving your body the right tools to defend itself against harmful illnesses.

Unlike traditional pregnancy massage, a percussion massager is a multi-tool that allows you to target specific stress points in your body for a massage-like effect. It’s excellent for women who cannot afford to visit a professional massage therapist. The massage gun targets specific trigger pressure points to alleviate different forms of body pains and muscle spasms. Additionally, it can strengthen your muscles’ durability.

Is receiving a percussion massage safe for pregnant women?

Although percussion massage therapy is a convenient way to relieve pain, there’s a specific restriction that pregnant women need to consider. Percussion massagers can stimulate your muscles and increase blood flow circulation. In most cases, this is a beneficial feature that promotes better cardiovascular health. However, this can be problematic if you’re already in your third trimester.

It’s best to receive percussion massage therapy once you’re past the first trimester. Afterward, get a full-body check-up to assess any complications to your physique. Remember to always consult your personal physician before you commit to any alternative form of treatment. Even then, it’s best to ask your doctor’s permission on whether you can perform the massage treatment yourself. Since different massage techniques will vary in affecting your body, be specific about what you’ll put your body through.

How should pregnant women use a percussion massager?

Pregnant women will experience physiological changes to their bodies in response to increased blood flow. Because of this, blood circulation on your legs could lead to blood clots on your lower body parts. This is why it’s ill-advised to use a percussion massager on these areas. However, you can relieve pain and physical stresses on the upper part of your body. Using a percussion massager on your shoulders, neck, and back is free from any adverse effects that your lower body would develop.


It’s important to note that any form of physical treatment for pregnant women will always require a medical professional's second opinion. Before you try to do it yourself, it’s best to consult your physician on whether it will benefit you and what products are reliable to use.

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