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Got Knots? Here’s How Using a Muscle Gun Can Help

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For some people, muscle knots appear so often that they’ve accepted it as an uncomfortable everyday reality to live with. It can happen in varying levels, with some having knots that refuse to go away while others get them after strenuous activities like weight lifting. It often happens after long exercises as the body tries to recuperate. However, when it doesn’t heal as quickly as you anticipate, a feeling of tightness and soreness can form and persist. While most people have experienced muscle knots, not everybody knows what they are and how to treat them successfully. If you’ve ever wondered exactly how you can relieve sore muscles effectively, then here are a few ways and tools that can help.

What Are Knots? 

The feeling of tightness that you feel when you get a knot is due to fascia tensing and tightening muscle fibers. The scientific name for muscle knots is myofascial trigger points, and these can be very painful to the point of affecting one’s range of motion. It’s easier to resolve when the earlier treatment is administered, so it’s important not to let it persist, especially if you’re looking for a quick fix!

Muscle knots cause referred pain, meaning nearby muscles can also feel pain when the trigger point feels any sort of pressure. These are usually caused by poor posture, injuries, stress, and sitting for too long. You’ll often find them in the backs and shoulders of people who are often sitting in the same position at their desk all day without moving or stretching regularly. 

Preventing Myofascial Trigger Points

When treating persistent and long-term muscle knots, one should not expect an overnight solution. Some techniques can effectively break down the knots and ease the pain, and practicing these regularly can prevent knots from reforming in the future. 

Hot and Cold Compression

One solution that provides immediate relief to the discomfort of knotted muscles is the application of hot and/or cold compresses. If you’re feeling a little swollen, apply a cold compress to reduce it. For relaxation and to loosen stiff muscles, choose the warm compress. You may alternate these two depending on your needs. 

Muscle Recovery Tools

Another way to provide instant relief and get rid of knots with consistent use is by using tools such as muscle massagers and foam rollers. Some of the best massage guns can eliminate knots over time when used properly. These tools work by delivering strong vibrations and pulses deep into your muscle tissue to promote muscle relaxation, better circulation, and reduce pain and soreness. 

Try out a percussion massage gun for effective self-massage techniques. This way, you can apply focused pressure to an area without needing another person to do it for you. It’s ideal for targeting small areas and specific muscle groups that are causing the most pain. 


Stretching releases tension and helps you limber up before any strenuous activities, such as exercise. This prevents your muscles from tensing up excessively. 


You don’t need to engage in athletic-level exercise to ease the tension in your neck and shoulders, which is where most knots tend to form. Simple aerobic exercises will do, especially those that involve movement in the shoulders and back areas. This increases blood supply to those muscles to loosen the knots. 


Knots can be a pain—literally! Understanding what causes them and the solutions can allow you to make the right choice when choosing the best treatment for you. For some, knots can be mild enough that simple movement and stretching can relieve the pain and work out the knot. For many others, knots can be severe, persisting deep into the muscle tissue, requiring regular treatment using muscle recovery tools and physical therapy. Investing in a massage gun may be one of the best solutions for your knots as it can deliver these benefits in the convenience of one effective tool. 

Gravity offers some of the best percussive therapy massage guns on the market. If you’re experiencing tension and muscle knots, a deep muscle treatment to help you heal, energize, and recover is your best option. To shop for Gravity massage guns, get in touch with us today!