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How a Massage Gun Improves CrossFit Strength Training

CrossFit is taking the fitness world by storm. The sport is becoming increasingly popular each year as a way to build strength and mobility. In CrossFit, there can be successful days and equally difficult times wherein it can be challenging to get the weights off the ground. Rest assured that this is all part of the journey, and CrossFit lifting entails plenty of difficulties in getting the desired results. 

The worst periods that any enthusiast goes through is the recovery phase after an intense workout consisting of various snatches and wild movements. What sets CrossFit apart from traditional lifting is the intensity of movements, as the latter often entails smooth and slow executions with the proper form to build muscle mass. CrossFit is plenty of strength-building exercises without the main focus on building aesthetics. 

Recovery Periods Suck, But Here’s What You Can Do

When going through recovery after a workout, there can be plenty of pains and soreness. These pains are due to the muscle being battered, creating micro-tears after repetitive movements. A new piece of technology that you have likely seen other members at your gym use after workouts are massage guns. These funny looking devices loosen up muscles after a workout to prevent soreness the next day, which means you can do more exercises!

How the Massage Gun Helps CrossFitters Become Stronger

In working out, strength is built in the windows between workout sessions. Whether it is your diet post-workout, sleep, or other supplementation, these all play a part in how you build strength. When your muscles are not fully healed from a workout session the day before, you might not be getting the most out of the effort you exert. The micro-tears that appear on your muscles need to be treated by nutrition, rest, and relaxation to fully heal and become functional enough for the next lifting session. 

When a CrossFitter’s muscles are always beaten up and not given enough time to recover, this can be damaging to progress. So if you train at the gym over five times a week, you might be getting poor results that are slower than usual. It can also lead to muscle fatigue and the weakening of certain joints that can cause intense injuries. Using a massage gun to loosen up muscles can reduce the fatigue felt by them, and the varying attachments can serve different purposes. 

Massage Guns Improve Blood Circulation Issues

Working out has plenty of benefits for the human body. As the body progresses, it starts to pack muscle and therefore makes a person stronger each time. However, an issue many have when they grow due to exercise is how to loosen tight muscles. Thanks to percussion massage guns, these use vibrations to improve blood circulation and release tightness. Instead of regularly going to a massage parlor after each workout and spending a ton of money, purchasing something like the Gravity massage gun can offer plenty of help. With the ability to assist in the recovery of muscles, you’ll be back in workout shape in no time!


CrossFit is an intense workout program that entails plenty of sudden movements and strength training. When muscles are shocked, these can damage the body parts and jeopardize the safety of a person due to injuries. Keep your body safe from injuries and loosened up at all times with a massage gun and use it both before and after training. 

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