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How Massage Guns Can Soothe: Sore Muscles and Body Tightness

Workouts are always amazing. They keep your body strong, fit, and healthy. The only downside is the body pains. If you want to recover from your rigorous workout routines, you need a muscle massager—a chiropractor-developed tool that acts as your own personal massage therapist. 

This device is considered a holy grail by celebrities, fitness instructors, and professional athletes. When you want to relieve the ache in your muscles, you contact your massage therapist. However, you can’t always bring them wherever you go. 

Muscle massagers are the solution to all your woes. Whenever you feel sore after a workout routine, use the device. It relieves muscle tension, soreness, and pains without the need for a massage therapist. Read the full article for more details about this amazing device! 

How to use a muscle massager for workout recovery

The basic concept behind the power of this device is percussive therapy. Percussive therapy is a therapy technique that uses rapid strokes to stimulate blood flow to the muscles. This helps in treating injuries, improving flexibility, and relieving soreness. 

When you use the muscle massage gun, it sends vibrations and force into your target areas to alleviate stress and pain. In essence, a massage gun offers many benefits of a massage without the hassle of a visit to the massage therapist. At present, however, there is limited evidence that massage guns work the same way in clinical studies. 

According to Michael Fredericson, a sports medicine physician at Stanford Health Care:

"Many brands advertise their massage guns as tools that accelerate recovery, but as far as Fredericson knows, there haven’t been any controlled scientific studies that look specifically at these devices that can back up these claims. While he thinks they offer benefits, whether they help recovery remains unclear." 

Another study found out that "...five minutes after a standard two-minute treatment, muscle massagers increased blood flow in excess of 500% as compared to baseline, and an increase in excess of 10% was also observed relative to muscle oxygen saturation." 

We can say from their research that massage guns improved a person’s recovery and increased blood flow.

So how does it truly work?

Performance coach and physical therapist, Dr. John Rusin, told Muscle and Fitness that this makes it a neural mechanism. 

"Mostly, you’re affecting your brain’s ability to sense tightness or laxity in soft tissue, whether it’s a muscle, tendon, or fascia," he states. A massage gun distracts you from the sore spot in your body by producing another alien sensation on the spot. This allows your mind to zero in on that area and let it go. 

Who should use a massage gun?

Massage guns are best for people who work out or train a lot. These muscle massagers help in muscle pain relief, especially under current circumstances. You need to move it slowly over the sore muscles for up to two minutes to use the device. 


Massage guns help relieve sore muscles. Now, there is proven evidence of the benefits of percussive therapy. If you are someone who trains a lot, you should definitely get one. A massage gun can help you recover faster and train better.

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