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How to Treat Chronic Pain Naturally with a Gravity Massage Gun

Chronic pain can impact your life in a big way. Often, chronic pain sufferers feel like there’s no solution but to take medications. The problem is pain relievers can be harmful to your health, too. It’s so much safer and easier to try a Gravity massage gun which can deliver therapeutic vibrational action that can significantly reduce the pain you feel, whether it’s chronic muscle pain or you need to recover from an intense workout.

In this post, you’ll learn how exactly a Gravity percussive therapy massage gun can solve your pain relief problems:

What Is a Percussive Massager?

A percussive massage from Gravity is a type of electric deep tissue massager that is a must-have for those who are looking for a workout recovery tool or a helpful treatment for their chronic pain. This massage gun can effectively break up scar tissues and speed up the recovery of tired and painful muscles. It’s an excellent alternative to pain-relief drugs for chronic pain, too.

It has become a favorite among fitness enthusiasts because of how useful they are in warming up their muscles pre-workout or easing their sore muscles after intense activity. Percussive massagers are also used by massage therapists, chiropractors, athletes, trainers, and other professionals.

Because it is a more natural approach to myofascial pain treatment, more people are giving the percussive massager a try. Who wouldn’t want to relax after a tiring gym session or game and get pain relief without popping some pills that could be harmful to your health?

How It Works

The way you experience pain may be different from that of others. The pain levels may be different, too. Percussive massage therapy can address different types and levels of pain in varying ways, too:

  • It stimulates muscle receptors
  • It affects chemical markers that are associated with pain
  • It relaxes muscles and nerve endings

The Gravity massage gun is a handheld massager that features oscillating vibration therapy that can effectively improve circulation, flexibility, and mobility. It can ease muscle pain without the discomfort caused by most knobby massage devices.

It locally stimulates a painful part of your body using a different sensation, which distracts the brain from the pain during the “massage.” After, you’ll find that the pain is significantly lessened.
It’s worth noting that the massage guns from Gravity are not just for sports massage. It can also be used for trigger points, deep tissue, myofascial release, self-care, partner massage, and other types of massages.

Can It Benefit You Even If You’re Not an Athlete?

Yes, it definitely can. As mentioned, it’s not exclusive for athletes or those who work out. If you experience back pain due to long hours of sitting in the office, it can help you. If you have suffered from an injury long ago and you still experience pain, it can provide you with relief, too.


If you experience chronic massage tightness and pain, it’s so much safer to use a percussive massage gun to get relief instead of taking NSAIDs that could potentially damage your kidney or liver in the long run. It is a great option if you want to relax after a tiring day at work and you can’t head out to a spa either, because this handheld massage tool is so convenient to use that you can use it on your own! That said, not all massage guns are created equal, so you should choose one that can deliver excellent results.

Gravity is the maker of the best percussion massagers that can provide you with muscle pain relief. Check out our Gravity One or Gravity Pro handheld massagers today! We ship Canada-wide for free and offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you should definitely get yours now!