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man using a massage gun

Important Things Remember When Using a Massage Gun

Whenever you work out, besides aiming for consistency to gradually enhance your strength and endurance, you must take your recovery days seriously too. One effective way to boost the chances of your muscles repairing themselves and preparing you for another exercise is using a massage gun.

It’s a helpful tool that has been gaining attention from fitness enthusiasts and interested individuals who wish to learn how to relieve sore muscles quickly and effectively. With a massage gun, you don’t have to visit a physical therapist or undergo percussion therapy each time you require assistance anymore.

Utilizing a massage gun offers the convenience you require to get back to your routine in no time. Keep reading below to find out what to know about the tool that can cut your recovery period short and greatly improve your performance. 

When is the Best Time to Use a Massage Gun?

For anyone who experiences sore muscles and body pain often due to intense workouts, muscle massagers are truly life-changing. If you constantly see yourself wishing to get a massage throughout the day, having a massage gun may be just what you need.

Percussion massagers are an excellent tool for targeting one muscle group at a time to achieve better results. They work to enhance your muscle mobility and flexibility, especially when you use the device before a workout. It also loosens up your tight muscles, which is suitable for stretching.

When you’re in the middle of training, applying a massage gun can wake up your muscles, which is great for avoiding injuries and accidents during a workout. After your routine, using your massage gun helps increase your blood flow, eliminate lactic acid buildup, and provide muscle pain relief.

On the days you aren’t at the gym or on your mat, you can grab your massage gun to achieve relaxation for your tense muscles, helping you get rid of stress. If you have a strained or pulled muscle, you should never use your tool to get rid of the pain because it will only make the pain worse.

How Often Should You Use a Massage Gun?

 Owning a massage gun is great because it can work in numerous ways, including boosting your fitness performance or experiencing muscle recovery. Regardless of your goal, you should never use the percussion tool for a long period and stick to using it two to three times a day.

If you plan to use it before a workout, you should hover your massage gun over the muscles you wish to target for about thirty to forty seconds to activate and prepare them for a workout. When you’re in the middle of a routine, you can use the massager to reactivate your muscles by floating the gun over the areas that require a little push for ten to fifteen seconds.

Using your percussion tool during a workout prevents spasms and exhaustion and assures your muscles remain active. Meanwhile, after your exercise routine, you can use your massager over your muscles for up to two minutes for better recovery.

Anything longer than two minutes is discouraged because it could result in injury. If you wish to stay on the safe side, during most of your sessions, you should apply your massage gun on any area you prefer between ten and thirty seconds, so long as you keep moving the tool to avoid skin sensitivity.


You can consider a massage gun as the best pain reliever, especially if you spend most of your time working out at the gym, playing a sport, or performing other physical activities. If you want to witness consistent outcomes, you should use the percussion massager throughout the day or before, during, and after a workout to guarantee you acquire total muscle recovery.

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