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5 Ways on How a Massage Gun Helps You Better Work from Home

While working from home has a lot of benefits, you may also encounter some challenges. These include overlapping your personal and professional lives, overworking or underworking, neglecting self-care, and much more. With these in mind, you might feel overwhelmed, stressed, and even burned out.

To avoid this, you need to make sure that you are properly managing your time and taking care of your physical, emotional, and mental well-being. And what better way to do self-care is to give yourself a nice massage. One way to do it is using a massage gun.

What Is a Massage Gun and How It Works

A massage gun is a handheld device that helps relax the body, especially when used on the back, shoulders, and neck. 

You can use the massage gun to apply pressure on the muscle. It’s small, easy to use, and it’s also very portable. There are a lot of different massage guns available on the market nowadays, depending on your preference.

How a Massage Gun Helps You Work Better at Home

1. Eases Tension

When you’re working from home, there are times when you feel you can’t get a break from work. You might be working on your reports and suddenly you feel your back is sore. Or maybe you're working on your computer’s keyboard and you see your hands are cramped. 

Sometimes, you might not be able to go out and get a massage from a professional but with a massage gun, you’re able to do so. With a massage gun, you can massage your back or your shouldersーeven in the middle of your work. You may even feel pain or a sore muscle, you can use the massage gun to help you ease your tension.

3. Works as a Productivity Booster

We all know that a tense body leads to a tired mind. If you are having sore muscles and you don’t have time to give yourself a proper massage, then a massage gun is definitely for you.

When you are doing your work, you need to be at 100 percent, and to do so you should consider a massage gun. This is because it works wonders to deescalate tension, melting the stress away.

The simple act of massaging your muscles will help you become productive. This is because when your body relaxes, you become more focused, thus making you more productive.

3. Decreases Your Stress

Needless to say, when you’re having a massage, you know that you are going to relax.

Before the massage session, you are going to be tense and all twisted up. However, after a little while into the massage, you and your body will start to relax.

As soon as you start to relax, your mind will follow suit. You will start to rest and take a break from whatever you are doing. Naturally, this helps you to reduce your stress.

4. Relieves Work-Related Muscular Discomfort

When you work at home, you are prone to work-related musculoskeletal disorders. These disorders include muscle and joint pains and neck, shoulder, and back pain. This is because you tend to work at home and sit in front of the computer for at least 8 hours a day. 

Massaging using a massage gun is a great way to loosen the muscle and the tissue so you will become more relaxed and free from pain even while you're at home.

5. Allows You to Practice Self-Care

Self-care is one of the most effective ways to avoid the signs of burnout. To do self-care, you should take time to rest, relax, and indulge yourself. One way to do it is by giving yourself a back or neck massage. You can just give yourself a massage at home with the use of a massage gun.


When you work from home, it is hard not to mix your personal and professional time. A massage gun can help you take a break from your work and enjoy some time for self-care. It also relieves your stress, relaxes your muscles, and it can help you become more productive.

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