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The Basics of Using Your Massage Gun For Tennis Elbows

Massage guns are a growing trend, allowing people all over the world to get instant pain relief and relaxation in the comfort of their own homes. Athletes, working professionals, and even academics have all claimed improvements after buying one for themselves. So where’s the problem? 

The thing is, as easy as it is to use your massage gun, it’s just as easy to be misusing it. At the very least, you might be missing out on some additional benefits that you could be getting but aren’t simply because you didn’t place the massage gun in the right place. 

Tennis elbows are one of the conditions that can be a little tricky for home remedies. After all, with the focal point of the pain in such an awkward area, it might be a little overwhelming for users trying to treat this at home. Let’s take a look at what you need to understand about your massage gun and how you can use this better for your tennis elbow. 

The Two Basic Rules

Before we get to what you have to do though, let’s talk about a few concepts you’ll need to be familiar with. With muscle pain relief, we’re talking about muscles that either need to be relaxed or strengthened. Each one will carry different challenges but both are addressable with massage guns. Let’s discuss the basic rules when it comes to using the massage gun for muscle pain relief. To help guide you, you can download a picture of the muscular anatomy.

Rule 1 

For muscles that need to be released, the movement your massage gun follows should come from the origin of the muscle towards the point where it inserts. 

Rule 2

For muscles that need to be tightened, the opposite will need to be done. Start from the point where the muscle inserts and follow the path towards the point of origin of the muscle. 

Pain Relief for Tennis Elbow

Now that we’ve talked about what you need to consider as well as the basic rules for muscle gun use, let’s take a look at what you can do specifically for your tennis elbow. Tennis elbows are problems caused by imbalances where one muscle is too tight, leaving the others too loose. This creates tension in the wrong places and is apparent when you try to move your elbows. 

To begin, start at the top of your arm, towards the center where your forearm meets the bicep. Flexing your fist will show you the muscle along your forearm responsible for this physical motion. Drag the massage gun with the soft head attached from the top towards your wrist. Do the same for your bicep, working towards the elbow crease. 

Next, take your arm and extend it forward, palm down. Focusing on your forearm first, and start at the soft point near where your thumb is. The motion you’re aiming for is to follow the path of the muscle towards your body, approaching the elbow—don’t hit the elbow itself though as this can cause some discomfort. Throughout the whole session, you’ll want to work your way from the softest head up to the bullet head, taking time to make sure that you’ve used each head appropriately. 


At the end of the day, it’s all about how you use what’s available to you. Massage guns are a great tool to have for this reason. They’re perfect for things like these tennis elbows and muscle strains similar to that. As long as you’re able to do your research, you’ll find that the massage gun has a lot more to offer than you initially thought. 

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