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10 Myths about Massage Guns Debunked by Scientific Facts

Despite the increasing popularity of massage therapy, many misconceptions exist about its benefits. By busting the myths and educating people about the facts, therapists and their clients can benefit greatly.

Here are ten myths about massage therapy, debunked with scientific facts.

1. Massage Has Temporary Effects

A massage therapist can help reduce pain and stress on a body by "retraining" muscles to remember how to function correctly. Therefore, regular massage can greatly improve overall health and significantly help those suffering from chronic muscle tightness and pain.

2. All Massages Are the Same

Although they may seem similar, massages can actually be quite different from one another. Spa massages are typically geared toward relaxation and easing general muscle pain. 

On the other hand, sports massages are designed to help keep athletes' muscles and joints healthy and in top condition. 

And finally, massages used for physical therapy focus on helping people recover from specific injuries and maintaining mobility. 

3. Feeling All Levels of Pain during a Massage Is Acceptable

This isn't true! It's important to remember that pain is an indication that something isn't right, not "weakness leaving the body." If you feel anything other than a "good hurt" during a massage, your massage therapist should know immediately. They won't be embarrassed or angry; they'll be grateful and would gladly adjust the massage pressure for you. 

4. Feeling Sore after a Massage Is a Proof That It Works

You may feel sore the day after a massage, especially for deep tissue massage manipulation, because your muscles are stretched and getting a workout. But not feeling sore the next day is not a sign of failed massage. It is perfectly normal.

5. You Need to Drink Water after the Massage

You don't need to drink extra water after a massage to help rid your body of toxins unless you're thirsty.

6. Massage Releases Toxins and Cleanses the Body

No scientific evidence supports this, but a massage will help improve blood circulation to all body parts, and thus, promote healing.

7. Massage Only Moves Muscles Around

Contrary to popular belief, trained massage therapists can help relieve swelling in joints by gently moving stagnant synovial fluid. They can also stretch out tight areas of the fascia, the connective tissue between bones, joints and muscles.

8. Massage Can Spread Cancer Cells throughout the Body

According to oncologists, it is improbable that a massage would cause a cancerous tumour to shed any metastatic material. Most oncologists agree that people undergoing cancer treatment can significantly benefit from the healing touch of a massage therapist.

9. Massage Can Cause Miscarriage in Pregnant Women

Because of the hormones released during a massage, it was once believed that it could cause early labour. However, this is now known not to be true. A prenatal massage can actually help mothers-to-be by making them feel relaxed and pampered. A massage can help by reducing their aches and pains and lowering the stress hormones present.

10. Massage Can Get Rid of Cellulite

Cellulite is a normal part of the human body and is not a medical issue. It's subcutaneous fat cells and is more connected to heredity than anything else. 

Massage has no direct impact on cellulite. However, relieving post-workout stiffness and pain through a massage can help you stick to a fitness routine. As a result, it may reduce the appearance of cellulite over time.


It was commonly believed that massage was nothing more than a form of pampering. However, more doctors are referring their patients to massage therapists to help with recovery or improvement of overall well being.

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