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Massage Gun

5 Basic Newbie Mistakes People Make in Using a Massage Gun

Massage guns are ideal tools to use in providing muscle pain relief. If you’re looking for ways to loosen tight muscles, they are excellent and easy devices that give almost immediate results. However, although massage guns bring results, they may also worsen the condition. Therefore, what are the newbie mistakes people make in using a massage gun for the first time? Here are some ideas. 

1. Overusing 

First-time users of massage guns often overuse them. The device is designed to relax tight muscles for a few minutes, but some people tend to use it for more than 10 minutes. 

Overusing a massage gun can lead to muscle pain as well as tenderness. If your body is not used to the massage gun, it doesn’t mean you should use it for an extended period. It’s recommended to use it for 5-10 minutes, no more than once a day. 

2. Using High Settings 

You might be tempted to use the highest settings, but that’s the worst thing you can do. Most massage guns have a power level setting, and once you switch it up, you’re hurting your muscles and tendons. 

The highest settings are ideal for pain relief, but it’s also the most painful. You might also notice that you’re using the highest setting because it tends to heat up. While the warmth might feel nice, use the device in lower settings. 

3. Going For the Burn 

Some people enjoy the burn because they think of it as pain relief. The burn is caused by the vibration and heat you feel while using the massage gun. If you aim to relieve pain, try to use the lowest settings possible. The highest settings are ideal for more intense pain relief. However, the burn increases the risk of damaging your muscles and tendons, especially on the back and neck. 

4. Using the Device in Sensitive Areas 

Some areas are more sensitive than others. The neck, calf, and hamstrings are all exposed areas, which can be painful. The pain is caused by the tight muscles, resulting from poor posture, improper weight lifting, and even age. 

If you’re going to use a massage gun on sensitive areas, do it slowly and gently. If you can’t handle it and your muscles are more sensitive than usual, you should use a muscle stimulator instead. 

5. Over-Relaxing 

You’re at ease when using the massage gun, and you're at ease because it provides a pain-relieving sensation. However, over-relaxing when using the massage gun may lead to muscle injuries. Relaxing too soon after the massage gun has been used can cause your muscles to retract or tighten up. It is called adhesion, and it’s considered a severe injury that can take a long time to heal. 

Benefits of Using a Massage Gun 

Although using a massage gun requires some precautions, it provides many benefits. Here are some of them:

1. Pain Relief

Massage guns are designed to relieve muscle pain but immediately notice the results. A massage gun is your best bet if you want to tighten up loose muscles or eliminate pain. 

2. Muscle Injury Prevention 

Massage guns are also a great tool to prevent muscle injuries. A massage gun can loosen up your muscles and relieve pain if you’re struggling with pain, soreness, and tightness.


Massage guns are inexpensive and easy to use, but the results can vary depending on how people use them. Before using the massage gun, you should consult a medical officer to ensure that you’re not using an injury-prone area.

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