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Pain Relief: Using Massage Guns to Soothe Knee Pain

In the US, about a third of the entire American population experiences knee pain, making it the second most common chronic pain issue that most people suffer from in their lifetime.

Today, it isn't that unusual to hear reports of this condition from different age groups. Old or young, it seems that anyone is just as susceptible to suffering from knee pains no matter their age or gender. While people who have suffered from muscle injuries or medical conditions are more likely to experience joint pain and stiffness, knee pains can also occur even when you have a healthy constitution. With that said, you must acquaint yourself with ways to soothe and relieve your muscles and joints under such circumstances.

Currently, one of the best pain reliever methods for such conditions is the use of massage guns. These compact and nifty devices are quite helpful in alleviating joint pain and stiffness by kneading affected muscles to ease soreness. And if you're particularly curious about how you can use it to assuage chronic pain, here is a valuable guide on how to use massage guns for soothing knee pains.

How to Use Your Massage Gun in Relieving Knee Pain

Commonly, massage guns are tools used for alleviating muscle pains. However, they can be pretty helpful in soothing pain by targeting the muscle groups around the knee instead of the joint itself. It's essential to refrain from using the massage gun directly on your kneecap as this can result in the opposite of what you're trying to achieve. Instead of using your massager to grind on the joint directly, it would be best to focus on these four muscle groups: quadriceps, adductors, hamstrings, and calf muscles.

Carefully run your massage gun along with these muscles, starting from top to bottom, then roll it in a circular motion. In this way, you can improve blood flow while easing the tissues around these areas, eliminating muscle tightness and circulation issues.

Aside from alleviating chronic pain, you can also use these devices to mitigate knee pains associated with exercises and workout routines. For optimum results, it's best to massage your leg muscles before, during, and after you exercise.

How Long Should You Keep Using Your Massage Gun?

Ideally, it would be good to use your massage gun for about two to three minutes. But if you're still not accustomed to using it, you can settle for massage treatments that last for at least fifteen to thirty seconds.

Note that the key to the effective use of massage guns is to give your muscles ample time to respond to the treatment. Thus, it would be best to continue kneading on a specific muscle group for at least thirty seconds before deciding to move on to the next one. Furthermore, you must repeat this process several times a day to ensure effectiveness and success in soothing chronic knee pain.


Massages have been a popular method of alleviating stiffness in muscles and joints. Sadly, not everyone is as skilled in giving massages as therapists and masseuses. Thus, having such a nifty device as massage guns can sometimes make a whole lot of difference in managing muscle and joint pain.

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