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Percussion Massagers: What Are the Benefits and Are They Safe?

woman in black using a massage gun

It’s easy for the stress of today’s fast-paced lifestyle to take a toll on the body, wreaking havoc by manifesting as aches and pains. Some deal with chronic pain; others are recovering from undergoing intense workout routines.

Pampering yourself over the weekend at wellness spas sound like a luxury we all wish we have, but what about the people who want to relieve sore muscles on the spot without driving to your local spa or waiting for your next physical therapy session?

That’s where percussion massagers come into play, which is an effective tool that uses rapid drumming stokes and motions to ease the pain surrounding the joints, nerves, and muscles. It’s a handheld device shaped like a gun, but this begs the question: is it safe to use in the public's hands?

What Is Percussive Massage?

Just as the moniker suggests, percussive massage uses continuous, soft compressions that target muscle groups throughout the body. The vibrations can penetrate through taut tissues and facilitate relaxation, which results in better blood flow and a significant reduction in pain.

On top of the boost of blood circulation in targeted areas, this form of therapy also eases muscle tightness and improves tissue repair. It’s a combination of different Swedish massage techniques, using gliding strokes, kneading, rubbing, shaking, and tapping movements to enhance the body’s muscular performance.

What Are The Benefits Of Percussive Massage?

Massage guns are excellent fitness tools that can help speed up recovery, elongate muscle fibers, and manage pain after gym sessions, but the technique also aids the body in its healing process. The health-boosting benefits make it an excellent massage that can relieve the following ailments:

  • Soft tissue inflammation;
  • Fibromyalgia;
  • Plantar fasciitis;
  • Sciatica;
  • Osteoarthritis;
  • Trauma recovery;

Using the massage gun for ten to fifteen minutes as a post-workout recovery measure can help ease sore areas, minimize soft tissue swelling or tears, and help increase joint elasticity to improve performance.

Are Massage Guns Safe To Use?

Under the hands of a professional, massage guns can be miracle tools that can help bolster your recovery in more ways than one. But for the untrained public, the device can do plenty of damage if you don’t know how to utilize it properly.

Keep in mind that it is not the best form of therapy for everyone, particularly those with cardiovascular issues, diabetes, sprains, broken bones, and a history of chronic back pain. Beyond that, percussion massagers can be a useful tool at relieving physical stress, improving mobility, and enhancing one’s functionality.

The Bottom Line: Unwind And Untie The Tight Knots In Your Muscles On The Go With A Massage Gun

Percussion massage is quickly becoming a hot commodity in the world of wellness as it speeds up the recovery process for trained athletes and the public alike.

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