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How Percussive Therapy Can Help with Sleeping Problems

Sleep is important for you to function throughout the day. However, as much as sleep is an important and major bodily function, many people have trouble sleeping. Some people have trouble falling asleep; others may not feel refreshed even after sleeping for a long period, while there are those who simply have trouble staying awake during waking hours.

Many people turn to different solutions to their sleeping problems. Some may take sleeping pills, while others try to take a more all-natural approach by meditating or drinking tea. One method that has been getting more attention recently is percussive therapy.

Before we talk about percussive therapy and its role in helping with insomnia, let us first take a look at what can cause insomnia and other healing techniques being used.

What Can Disrupt a Healthy Sleeping Pattern?

The truth is, there can be more than one factor that could affect your sleep. Maybe you have taken in too much caffeine or sugar that day, which has placed your body in a state of high energy. There are also other factors like stress, hormones, and even mental illnesses like depression and anxiety that could be getting in the way of your sleep.

There are also factors like you may be actively staying up because you are using your phone or some other gadgets. You may also be uncomfortable because it may be too hot or your bed does not feel good to sleep on, or you are experiencing muscle pain.

How Do I Improve My Sleep?

There are many ways to improve your sleep, depending on the reason behind the disruption. The easiest way is to create a healthier lifestyle for yourself. Most people find their sleep greatly improving when they start eating healthier and even exercising. You can also cut back on your caffeine intake or only drink it early in the day to prevent the effects from carrying over until bedtime.

You can also use treatments like percussive therapy to help place your body in a state of comfort. By doing so, sleep should come to you easily.

What Is Percussive Therapy?

Percussive therapy is a non-invasive treatment that uses a massage gun to ease sore muscles. The massage gun hits muscle tissues to enhance blood flow, reduce inflammation and remove lactic acid buildup, which will promote better healing. The gun can reach speeds of up to 3,200 repetitions per minute while delivering up to 60 pounds of force.

How Does Percussive Therapy Help with Sleep?

Percussive therapy’s role is to help your body be in a state of relaxation and comfort. If you have any tense feelings in your muscles and body in general, then percussive therapy will help release those feelings of being tense.

Because how this massage can help you relax, it may also release serotonin from your brain. Serotonin is known as the happiness hormone, which will make you feel calmer. Serotonin is also a part of producing melatonin, which your body needs to get good sleep.


Percussive therapy is an excellent treatment to help with insomnia. If you are struggling to sleep, then do not hesitate to try this treatment to help you get that quality sleep you need. Just make sure to pair it up along with a healthy lifestyle to get the maximum benefits possible.

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