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Percussive Therapy Massage Guns: A New Staple For Recovery?

Percussive Therapy Massage Guns: A New Staple For Recovery?

Nowadays, the process of recovering after a hard training session, everyday work, or tough competitions has become a fairly deep matter with much to deal with and learn about. 

From standard methods used for amateurs and athletes alike to supplements and tools like sauna booths and ice baths, the field of recovery is rich in treatment strategies and options. When used in conjunction with one another, each instrument and practice can help avoid injuries and boost performance. But, of course, certain components, approaches, and tools are more critical than others in the bigger picture of effective recovery.

One example of these primarily fundamental factors? Percussive therapy. 

What Is Percussive Therapy?

As much of a fad as it may sound, percussive therapy (or percussive therapy massage guns, in particular) is a fairly established method that involves sending brief and rapid bursts of pressure into muscles. While tempos and intensity may vary, the standard setting for effective results is 40 or more percussions per second at more than a centimeter of amplitude. 

Manufacturers claim that percussive therapy massage guns can help improve range of motion, increase blood flow, and reduce muscle tension. 

Are Percussive Therapy Massage Guns Legit, or Are They Just a Fad?

The devices in question can seem like fad devices like the Shake Weight, “ab-pulsing” body wraps, and wearable “ion energy” “power” wristbands. However, percussive therapy massage guns have proven formidable because of the science and solid evidence that backs them up! 

The Earliest Scientific Proof

If you’re looking for strong pieces of proof that solidify just how beneficial percussive therapy massage guns can be for recovery, the first piece of solid evidence dates back to 2014. 

In 2014, The Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research carried out a major study that sought to evaluate the effects of then-new percussive therapy massage guns. The study, titled To Compare the Effect of Vibration Therapy and Massage in Prevention of Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) by Imtiyaz, S., et al., tested 45 subjects and split them into three groups of 15, each receiving regular massage, vibration massage, or no treatment. 

Based on testing at 24, 48, and 72 hours after exercise, the groups that received vibration and massage treatments showed less muscle soreness and less muscle lactate dehydrogenase. Further testing showed that vibration massage guns helped reduce muscle damage and increased recovery of range of motion.

Percussive Therapy Massage Guns as An Exercise Essential

Further research has shown that the effectiveness of percussive therapy massage guns—such as those offered by Gravity—shines best when they’re used before a workout. Here are some of the most significant findings that solidify just how effective massage guns are as pre-exercise tools: 

  • According to a 2020 study in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, Lyu, B., et al., found that vibration massage increased muscle strength, agility, and range of motion in the ankle.
  • A 2019 study in the Journal of Physical Therapy Science by Otadi, K., et al., found that pre-exercise local vibration therapy with a percussive massage therapy gun reduced signs of fatigue in the quadriceps. 
  • A 2017 study in the Journal of Physical Therapy Science by Kim, J., et al., showed that using a therapy gun helped reduce soreness within 72 hours after exercise. 


While you can use many different tools to help encourage recovery in your muscles after a hard workout or training session, nothing gets the job done better than a percussive massage therapy gun. Once you start using this tool in your pre and post-exercise routine, you’ll be able to see tremendous results in the short and long term.

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