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Relaxing Massage Guns

Relaxing Massage Guns: Are They Safe to Be Used by Kids?

The advent of technology enabled the invention of new methods to relieve stress and body tension. While most of them are efficient in their own way, none can ever come close to the effectiveness of massage guns. Besides providing that well-needed focus on the affected area, it also tends to relieve the muscles in ways that no normal massaging technique can succeed with.

That being said, there is a certain discussion on whether or not it is safe for children to use.

Yes, everyone needs a massage regardless of their age so as to treat any sort of muscle strain they may be experiencing. But the main difference here is that the efficiency of the technique is now done by a tool rather than bare hands, meaning that there may be some differences in the way the massage is carried out.

Tool or Skill?

There is a general discussion about the difference in skill level regardless of the person giving the massage. While there are some who reach the pinnacle of skill level in this field, there are others who are still learning the ropes and how to do a proper massage. Using massaging guns may be a shortcut to attaining this skill level, but how efficient are they in doing the job?

This is the main concern of parents when they see their children use the massaging guns. While it is true that the technique is less skill-based and more tool-based, it does not mean that there is less effort exerted into giving the massage. It remains in the hands of the person using it.

Adult Supervision Is Needed

There are two important emphases on this aspect. For one, a massage gun has adjustable options, meaning that the vibration level can be mitigated according to the body mass and muscles of the one using it. In this case, a child may be able to withstand the lower settings. With that in mind, we could move on to the second pointer: adult supervision.

Just because there are lower settings applicable for younger users doesn't mean that it is enough to lower any possibility of injuries. As with all types of automated tools, caution and proper use should always be a priority.

In short, even with a device that is supposedly safe, adult supervision is always required.

When Will Massage Guns Be Safe for Kids?

As mentioned earlier, the use of massage guns is efficient but should be used by children only under adult supervision. There are quite a few companies that offer this service, but there are also those that do not allow children as young as seven years old to use them.

This does not mean that massage guns are bad for kids. They just want to ensure that not only is the child going to be safe, but also the area being worked on. There is a difference in muscle strength and function, making it a significant factor in determining its compatibility with its user.


Massage guns are definitely a great alternative to traditional massage techniques. However, there are critical factors that must be considered to ensure the user's safety. With proper adult supervision, the massage gun can provide the same effect of alleviating muscle tension and stress in kids as well.

Just always remember that the person using the massage gun should be properly educated on how to do it. It is mainly to reduce the risk of injuries and keep everyone safe.

It is also not a quick fix to any health issue, so you will still need to consult your doctor before deciding to use it.

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