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The Best Ways to Speed Up Muscle Recovery Post-Workout

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Workouts are nothing less than great! Body pain, on the other hand, is not so great. Doing anything physical can feel awful after a long workout. Thankfully, there are many ways to speed up muscle pain relief and natural healing. 

What are the best ways for muscle recovery to speed up post-workout? 

Drink plenty of fluids

The most important way to speed up muscle recovery is to hydrate. While working out, you lose a lot of body water from sweating. That isn’t a problem as you are meant to sweat during a workout. As long as you rehydrate by drinking lots of water, you should be okay. The best time to drink water is right after you have finished working out. This is because it is difficult to keep up with sweating and other fluid loss while you exercise. Not to mention the fact that most people only hydrate when they are thirsty or before exercise.

Water is incredibly important for muscle recovery. Without it, you experience more fatigue, and injuries take longer to heal. Water also helps remove toxins from your body after a workout. Also, dehydration can make muscle tightness or pain worse. Remember to drink up on gym days.

Get lots of sleep

Sleeping is another important factor in post-workout healing. It is important for your health, both mental and physical. Eight hours of sleep a night is very important should you wish to heal faster. Not having enough sleep can be detrimental to healing and performance. 4-6 hours a night is not enough, especially for someone who is engaging in strenuous activities. During sleep, your whole body starts to heal. All parts of your body, including your heart and brain, heal during rest. 

Certain studies show that lack of sleep can affect muscle recovery. The body makes growth hormones during sleep, which in turn has an important role in muscle repair. Along with nighttime sleep, naps during the daytime help recuperation. 

Add muscle percussion therapy to your rest

Muscle recovery tools are extremely useful to any athlete after a long workout. These can help your muscles and joints recover. The best massage therapy for the healing of your muscles is percussion therapy. Percussion therapy is simply the act of using a device to send pulses of pressure to your deep muscles. This increases circulation to your muscles, which in turn helps reduce overall body fatigue and muscle recovery. 

Consume more protein

In order to properly heal, the body needs a lot of amino acids. In order to gain these amino acids it is useful to consume proteins after a workout. Breakfast, one of the most important meals of the day, can be made beneficial to your workouts. Simply add protein to the meal and watch your body recharge and recover faster. 

Another thing you can do is drink a protein shake. This can reduce exhaustion and muscle pain. Moreover, according to Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise journal, consuming some protein before bed can help boost recovery throughout the night.


There are quite a few ways you can increase your muscle recovery. It’s worth noting that a combination of these methods works better than just a single method. So, be proactive in taking care of your body by following these tips.

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