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A Simple Guide to Understanding Deep Tissue Injuries

Have you noticed a new bruise forming in your body despite not engaging in rigorous exercise? Have you searched ways on how to relieve sore muscles only to find that it only provided temporary results? If you have, you might want to get checked for possible deep tissue injury.

This article aims to give you an idea of deep tissue injuries, how you get them, how they can affect your life, and how to treat them.

What Is Deep Tissue Injury?

Deep tissue injuries (DPTI) are serious ulcers or lesions that develop in your subcutaneous tissues. The injuries are peculiar in the sense that they appear seemingly out of the blue and under intact skin.

DPTI can begin from redness in the area, soreness of certain muscles, or formation of blisters. People usually neglect these signs since they can be attributed to a stressful day at work, an intense workout session, or sleeping in the wrong position. However, if left untreated, these seemingly harmless things can result in permanent severe tissue damage.

What Causes Deep Tissue Injury?

Deep tissue injuries are considered pressure ulcers. They are the kind of lesions that people get when they constantly apply pressure to one area of the body without reprieve. 

Although pressure is a more widely known cause of DPTI, other factors can cause this injury. Insufficient blood flow from a mechanical load, nutrient deficiency, fascia damage, and perforating muscle tissue torsion from shearing forces are also some instances that can cause deep tissue injuries.

How Does Deep Tissue Injury Affect People?

Initially, DPTI usually starts with an unexplained soreness of the muscle. This would later form into bruise-like patches on the skin, usually around the buttocks, lower back, and under the knees. Most of the time, the skin would be intact. When the condition worsens, blood-filled blisters may form, indicating severe damage to the underlying soft tissue.

Infection is the most common complication related to DPTI. But if the injury progresses without treatment, it can also cause tunneling wounds or infection to the underlying bone.

Who Can Get Deep Tissue Injuries?

Anyone can experience deep tissue injuries. However, some people are more susceptible to DPTI than others.

Those who are in constant bed rest, have reduced mobility, are paralyzed, and are experiencing muscle atrophy are some who are most at risk for DPTI. Their inability to relieve pressure on certain areas autonomously makes it easier for them to contract the injury than most.

Can Deep Tissue Massages Help with DPTI?

A deep tissue massage either from a professional or from a muscle massager can help with DPTI. Muscle guns and massagers can alleviate the pain, soothe the tightness of the muscles, promote blood flow to the wound, and assist in the tissues’ natural healing process.

However, before using a deep tissue muscle massager, it is best first to see your physician. Have them assess the wound and determine the extent of the damage. Massages are best for injuries with minimal damage. Otherwise, seek a doctor’s advice on how to use the massager in tandem with other DPTI treatments.


Deep tissue injuries can affect anyone at any age. It’s a silent injury caused by constant pressure, insufficient blood flow, muscle torsion, fascia damage, and nutrient deficiencies that only appear when things worsen.

A deep tissue massage using muscle massagers is one of the ways to care for deep tissue injuries with minimal damage. But people can also use it to supplement DPTI treatments under the advice of a medical professional.

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