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Using Massage Guns on Shoulders for Muscle Recovery

Many people suffer from shoulder pain, some due to physical activities involving sports, others due to strenuous work, while the rest may be due to poor posture. Whatever the reason behind the aches and pains weighing down your shoulders, most would welcome any form of relief that can release those tight-knit muscles. 

Many athletes, gym buffs, weekend warriors, or those struggling with chronic back pain often have to travel from point A to B to seek physical therapy, but the rise of massage guns like Gravity One™ offers an easy, portable, and at-home therapy solution to your stiff shoulders. 

Just like percussion therapy, a massage gun uses different head attachments to target specific pain points in the body. Depending on the settings, it can effectively break down tension in the muscles and provide more oxygen-rich nutrients to the body, jumpstarting a speedier healing process as a result. 

How to Use a Massage Gun to Relieve Muscle Tension on the Shoulders 

Massage guns can improve circulation and relax sore muscles, but it’s vital to get the motion right to maximize the device’s benefits. Here’s what you can do to let the massage gun relieve your tight shoulders: 

Using for Warm-Up Exercises and Before Heavy Workout Routines 

Step #1: Choose the appropriate head attachment for your massage gun and target the origin of your muscles. Let the massage gun gently relax the muscles for ten to 15 seconds.

Step #2: Apply pressure to the insertion of the muscles before moving the massage gun back and forth for another 10 to 15 seconds. 

Step #3: Hover across all your muscle fibers gently and let the pressure guide your movements seamlessly for another 10 to 15 seconds. 

Using for Shoulder Pain Relief and Muscle Recovery After Exercise 

Step #1: Be sure to select the right head attachments again and let the massage gun press tenderly across your muscle fibers for two minutes. 

Step #2: Mitigate the risk of getting a “frozen” shoulder” by doing low-impact stretches after using the massage gun to expand your range of motion and remove any remaining lactic acid buildup. 

The Bottom Line: Using the Massage Gun to Facilitate Head-to-Toe Relief and Faster Muscle Recovery 

Most people feel pain on their shoulders after repetitive activities, lifting heavy objects overhead, or playing sports since these activities cause inflammation and muscle tension. All the strained tendons cause irritation and swelling, but a massage gun can successfully relax the muscle tissue and ease soreness. 

Where Can You Find the Best Massage Gun in Canada

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