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Ways to Operate a Massage Gun to Improve Your Training

Whether you’re an athlete, gym buff, or fitness enthusiast, one essential way to improve your workout regimen and speed up your recovery days is by using a massage gun. It’s a modern-day invention that offers deep muscle treatments to target certain areas of your body.

When using a massage gun for the first time, it may take a while before you get used to it, but keep in mind that it aims for enhanced healing and recovery of your body in the long run. Considering using the device as part of your workout routine keeps you energized and ready to take on fitness in a new and improved light.

Keep reading below to find out how to incorporate the muscle massager throughout different areas of your fitness training to give you an easier time recovering from intense sessions.

Using a Massage Gun Before Fitness Training

When you’re preparing for an upcoming training session at the gym or even a marathon, you should apply the massage gun as part of your pre-workout routine. The device helps to loosen your blood flow, minimize the tension in your muscles, and wake up your nervous system.

However, keep in mind that you should refrain from using the device for a prolonged period to keep your body from becoming passive, which could affect your muscles’ optimum abilities. You can begin by targeting each muscle that belongs to an individual muscle group by hovering the head of the Gravity massage gun over it for thirty seconds at most.

Other than relying on the device, don’t forget to stretch your body correctly and focus on doing dynamic stretches to keep your energy pumping. Just because you have a device to help you warm up, that doesn’t mean you should give up stretching altogether. For best results, create an interval and use the device over your muscles every ten seconds to really give your muscles a good headstart.

Using a Massage Gun During Training

When you’re in the middle of your training, if it’s possible to use your massage gun, you should grab the opportunity, by all means, to let it serve as the boost you need to keep going. The device works by conditioning your muscles to continue serving their purpose once you’re slowly starting to experience weariness even though you’re still in the middle of your routine.

If you’re already experiencing fatigue during training, you can learn how to relieve sore muscles by applying the massage gun to reduce the tension you’re feeling in your muscles. It serves as the push you need to take on your remaining sets, complete your drills, and finally finish strong.

In a way, using a massage gun during training serves as a reset for your muscles and body to prevent you from giving up when you’ve already come so far. All you need to do is apply it over your affected muscles for about fifteen seconds to manage the tension and recharge yourself enough to perform your last set correctly.

Using a Massage Gun After Training

Every time you finish a good workout session, it’s likely that all you have in your mind is to get your well-deserved rest and refuel yourself by eating good food. If you want to remain in a calm state, you could use a massage gun to encourage better muscle recovery.

Rather than withhold your muscles from the significant effects of the device, this time, you can leave the massage gun over specific muscles much slower and for an extended duration. You can keep it there for at least two minutes to stimulate your sympathetic nervous system and convince your body that it’s okay to rest too.


Including a massage gun as part of your training is an essential way of accomplishing your goals much better and faster. Whether it’s before, during, or after a workout, a massage gun assists with muscle pain relief because it targets the right areas and encourages excellent outcomes with consistent use.

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