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percussion massage gun

What Is a Percussion Massage Gun and How Does It Work?

Thanks to advanced technology, you can now easily purchase anything you need online. All you have to do is add items onto your cart, check them out, and wait for them to arrive. Massage guns, for one, are an excellent purchase, especially now that most people are working from home and sitting for long periods. 

If you feel like your body is sore and need an easy fix, a massage gun can provide you with practical massage therapy benefits. If you are curious about this particular item and want to know how it works, this article will explain.

What Is a Percussion Massage Gun?

A massage gun comes with many names. Some call it the percussion massage gun, percussion massager, or therapy gun. Whatever you prefer, this powerful device can massage the deepest part of your muscles.

It is a fitness gadget that uses therapeutic vibration therapy and massage to target sore muscles, relax them, boost your post-workout muscle recovery, and prevent DOMs (delayed onset muscle soreness). It does so by increasing your blood flow and reducing your body’s lactic acid buildup. 

You can use it all by yourself, and it has various functionalities you can take advantage of. However, to experience genuine comfort and its many benefits, you need to know how to use it appropriately. 

How Does a Percussion Massage Gun Work?

Whether you are an athlete or an ordinary person working hard every day, you would benefit from one. A massage gun works by sending continuous signals to your brain and letting it know that your muscles are continuously being stimulated or hammered. As a result, it would send more blood to the targeted area. Improved blood circulation allows your muscles to receive oxygen quickly, making the body less tired than it should be. 

You can use it on any part of your body, but it is popularly used in the neck, shoulder blades, knees, and back. 

If you use it before a workout, it would successfully warm up your muscles, allowing them to prepare for extensive training. Meanwhile, using it after a workout can help your body cool down. The device can effectively decrease the muscle’s ability to hold onto lactic acid, which can develop painful lesions after a workout.

Tips to Maximize Your Massage Gun

Here are some notes when it comes to using your massage gun:

  • Only use it on your muscles. If used on the bony parts of the body, the massage gun would only bounce back. If you want to have better control of it, consider using different attachments each time. 
  • Start slow when using the massager and gradually increase the time for each part. If you begin with the hardest and fastest setting, your muscles might become overstimulated. For example, you can focus the massage gun in each area for 15 seconds each, and then, as you progress, you can increase the time to up to three minutes per part. 
  • Avoid adding more pressure to the device. It is only meant to glide smoothly across your skin. The device would work well even without the added pressure from external sources. 


If going to a massage therapist every day seems impossible, investing in a massage gun could provide you with similar results. They are a beneficial tool for helping your body recover from weariness and preventing possible injury. Just make sure you purchase from reliable and trusted sources.

If you are looking for the best percussion massager, try Gravity’s Gravity One or Gravity Pro. They are ergonomically designed handheld devices with long-lasting battery life. They may be quiet, but they are powerful. So get one now and try percussive therapy in your home.