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What Is a Percussion Massager, and How Do You Use It?

There’s nothing like that wonderful feeling of soreness after a great workout. It makes you feel as though you’ve really worked hard and pushed your muscles to the limit, leaving your mind active and energized. However, there comes the point where that post-workout soreness becomes uncomfortable and downright painful. Proper recuperation is just as important as working hard—and nutrition, hydration, and therapy are all important components of that recovery!

One way to help your muscles’ road to recovery is with the use of percussion massagers. These are gaining popularity as effective techniques in promoting muscle pain relief and reducing soreness and tightness. Knowing how to use them and how often they can be used depends on an individual’s needs. 

Here is everything you need to know about using a percussion massager.

How Percussion Massagers Work

Percussion massagers are handheld devices that can apply pulses of pressure onto your muscles at varying levels. It can penetrate into tissue to provide deep tissue massage benefits, including working out tensions and knots while improving blood flow. This increases your range of motion, and the soreness is taken out of the muscle. 

How Often Percussion Massagers Should Be Used

There is no hard rule on how often a percussion massager should be used. It highly depends on the condition being treated, the amount of pressure applied by the massager, and the duration of physical therapy with the massager. 

If there’s any rule of thumb that users of this device should follow, then it is that this device should be used regularly but in moderation. Although it has just a few side effects, percussion massagers can be overused and result in adverse effects, such as the production of too much lactic acid that causes even more soreness in the muscles. This is because the muscles are as stimulated as they were during exercise, reversing the device’s relaxing benefits. On the other hand, not using the device enough won’t give you the full benefits it offers. 

Using the Percussion Massager Properly

If you’re a first time user, then it’s best to set the percussion massager on the lowest setting and to use it for a short time after each workout until you become familiar with the pressure it can apply and what your muscles can take. Following the default settings and instructions that the device comes with is best for those who want a benchmark for higher settings that can correspond with heavier workouts. 

Those who are already accustomed to the device can use it with a moderate amount of force after heavy workout sessions or exercises that involve weight lifting or resistance training designed to strengthen the muscle. Being aware of its proper use can prevent further injury and give you the full benefits.

The Bottom Line

Investing in a massage gun or percussion massager is one way to take care of your health. Muscles go through wear and tear with difficult workouts, and leaving them sore can lead to major discomfort and possible injury when you exercise again. 

If you’re wondering how to loosen up tight muscles, this multi-functional device is the perfect tool for you as it applies just enough timed pressure to tense areas that allow them to relax. This is something that an ordinary massage can’t do. By using this simple yet versatile device, you can have less tense muscles and live a more comfortable lifestyle. 

Percussion massagers provide the benefits of percussion therapy, which accelerates and enhances muscle fiber repair through rapid pulses of pressure. Here at Gravity, we offer the best massage guns in Canada that can give you all these benefits. To view our different massage guns or contact us about pre-sales or shipping, visit our website today!