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Why a Massage Gun is a Massage Therapy Must-Have

For athletes suffering from joint pain or desk employees who are subject to neck and backaches, massage therapy can be incredibly effective and rejuvenating. However, busy schedules and various responsibilities often keep patients from seeking professional help. Thus, a massage gun makes for an excellent at-home tool to combat chronic cramps and spasms. If you haven’t heard of this percussive therapy tool, here’s everything you need to know about it.

What is a Massage Gun?

Used for pain and muscle tension relief, a massage gun is an effective workout recovery tool that is scientifically backed. It uses force to manipulate the soft tissues in your body.

How to Choose a Massage Gun

When shopping for a high-quality massage gun, consider the following factors.

1. Different Types of Massage Guns

Though all massage guns serve virtually the same purpose, some function through vibration as opposed to percussive therapy. No one best device will suit every user. Choosing the appropriate product will depend on your goals and personal preferences. One important difference to note between percussion and vibration guns, however, is a variation in amplitude.

2. RPM Capabilities

Denoting revolutions per minute, most massage guns will have an RPM of 2,000 to 3,200. Choose a gun with several RPM settings to address issues that may require higher or lower intensities. Normally, guns with higher amplitudes perform more intense massages even at lower speeds.

3. Sound and Noise Levels

All massage guns have motors and will likely produce a certain amount of noise. Considering that massages are a way of relaxation, a noisy motor can be disruptive. If purchasing a massage gun online, take note of specification pages that indicate noise levels and research demonstration videos on their website. If shopping at a physical store, be sure to test a gun out before making a purchase.

4. Your Lifestyle

If you’re an active person who enjoys a daily jog and regular visits to the gym, you may be better suited to use a massage gun with greater intensity levels. A tougher massage can help break up lactic acid in your body and promote healing. If you’re a little more sedentary, consider a gun with gentler settings. 

5. Weight and Portability

The more comfortably you can handle the weight of a massage gun, the longer you can enjoy using it. Remember, without the help of a family member, you’ll be operating the gun yourself. Purchasing a lightweight model that is easy to handle makes for great use even on-the-go.


To enhance the repair of muscle fibers and access deep tissues in your body, a massage gun makes for an excellent alternative to expensive massage therapy. Whether a homebody or a traveler, massage guns can help alleviate pain under any circumstances.

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