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Why Fitness Enthusiasts Need A Massage Gun

man using a black massage gun
If you are the type of person to work out more than half the week, you probably know the aches and pains from a killer exercise session the day after. A massage feels like the best idea after any form of exercise to release tension in the muscle and promote relaxation. The issue with massages is that they are too expensive to get one every so often. One good massage treatment at your local spa would be nice once in a while but would be impractical to sustain if you were to go after each workout.

Thankfully, science has proven that you don’t really need a whole, full-body massage to get by. Recovery can be done by targeting certain muscle groups with proper stretching and decompressing after a workout. So how do you do that? Our response at Gravity is to use a massage gun!

What On Earth Is A Massage Gun?

This technology has recently gained traction and popularity because of how it aids recovery and is doable even solo. We can’t really massage our own backs because that is physically impossible. However, with a massage gun, you can reach your back no problem and release the tension built up from an intense back-day. This machine is handheld, portable and rechargeable, so you can take it anywhere you want easily.

The gun works by utilizing variable speeds to deliver small “one-inch-punches” simultaneously, loosening up the muscles, which assists recovery for the intense workout the next day.

Tips On Using Gravity’s Guns

When using the gun, be sure to start at the lowest speed and build up for each muscle group that you are targeting. Remember that this device acts by punching your muscles, and using stronger settings may cause further bruising or inflammation. Be sure to float the gun’s tip over your muscles to avoid putting further force onto them, and always relax the muscle you are targeting to get the full benefits of use.

Use Times Are Dependent On Your Workout Phase

If you are warming up, a 30-second round per muscle group being used will allow the muscles to be activated and the nerves to fire up. This will ensure that you are not going into the workout with a cold body that can cause injuries because of shock.

For mid-workout recovery in between sets, 15-second runs will re-activate your muscles that are starting to fatigue or cramp up. By doing this, you keep the muscles at a higher capacity longer for a more intense workout.

When you are done and recovering from the workout, run the gun for two minutes on each muscle group. This can be repeated throughout the rest of the day with a one to two-hour rest between use.

Using The Different Tips Included

The best part about these massagers is that they come with more than one tip that is interchangeable based on what you are feeling and what muscle groups are at work. Here are the tips included with the gun:

1. The Ball Tip

The ball tip is shaped like a ball and is commonly used because of its versatility. This is best used to treat larger and medium-sized muscles in the body thanks to its shape and comfortable feeling.

2. The Flat Head

This attachment is multipurpose and can treat surfaces like your pecs to the glutes. The flat head offers a more dense massage over the more common ball tip.

3. The Bullet

Bullet tips are the hardest to use because of the need for the user to focus on specific parts of the body without hitting painful spots like bones. This is best when there are trigger points or if you are cramping up, as this offers a direct impact over these.

4. The Fork

The fork is a dual-pronged head that targets the spine or the Achilles without hitting the bones.


If you are a fitness enthusiast, you will greatly benefit from a massage gun. With its versatile range of tips to treat different areas of the body, your workouts will always feel at their peak and will leave you feeling fully recovered. Get one of these today!

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