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Why Massage Guns Should Be an Athlete's Best Friend

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There are three critical pillars in an athlete’s routine: the right diet program, regular exercise, and recovery. Recovery is an essential part of an athlete’s regimen because it focuses on the muscles that are strained and tired. When you practice proper recovery, you allow your body to regenerate and regain strength by focusing on the tissues and other strained muscles. Without recovery, your body will feel constantly overworked, which may lead to more injuries.

Getting a massage is one of the best ways to recover and is one of the best pain relievers around. It doesn’t only make you feel more relaxed, but it also aids in restoring the functions of your muscles, joints, and other parts of your body. Sometimes, massages are needed right after training, and going straight to a therapist every day isn’t ideal.

This is where massage guns come in. Massage guns are convenient recovery tools that every athlete needs to get instant relief after an intense training session or game. This article will discuss the importance of recovery and why massage guns should be your go-to recovery tool.

Why is it essential for athletes to recover?

Recovery is incredibly vital for athletes because it focuses on many major functions of the body. With recovery, an athlete’s performance improves, as well as how their bodies and muscles function.

When you recover, your goals are to enhance your body’s blood and oxygen circulation, get adequate sleep and nutrition, address minor injuries, and practice preventive maintenance.

For some athletes, a custom recovery program is often created to target specific types of strains. However, even if not all recovery treatments are the same, one method that works for all kinds of recovery is massage treatment. The best way to conveniently get this is through massage guns.

Why should massage guns be an athlete’s go-to tool?

For a person who doesn’t undergo intense training, a long walk can give their bodies some soreness. A 2-day recovery period is often ideal for them, and, after this time, they’ll be back on their toes and ready for the next hike. However, athletes don’t have the luxury to wait 2 days before they could recover. To get immediate treatment, professionals swear by using massage guns to help them recover quickly.

Discipline is an essential attribute for all athletes, and part of that is following a strict schedule. Squeezing in a therapy appointment every day may not be ideal. This is why massage guns have made their way to most gym lockers. These devices help athletes perform better by bouncing back faster right after training.

But what does a massage gun actually do?

Massage guns have different tempos, speed, and style. However, they follow the same type of rhythm and motion that your body needs to help with muscle recovery.

Percussive massagers, such as massage guns, target five areas that need focus during recovery.

1. Overworked body parts

When you’re an athlete, repetitive motion is prevalent. For example, if you’re a baseball player, you may tend to overwork your shoulder or get sore calves. Massage guns are great at targeting these areas to prevent repetitive damage and injuries.

2. Blood flow

Your body is sore because the blood and oxygen in your body aren’t flowing right. Stimulating blood flow can help boost your performance and aids in tissue regeneration.

3. Internal scarring

Minor internal scarring due to intense activities may build up over time and disrupt movement and motion. Massage guns help break these down and allow muscles to move freely.

4. Lymphatic system

Massage guns help activate your body’s lymphatic system and drain biochemical waste. These wastes affect your performance and may delay your recovery time without immediate treatment.


Recovery is always in the top 3 list in an athlete’s recovery regimen. With proper recovery, your performance improves, your body functions better, and you get the desired results that you need. Bringing a massage gun with you every training will aid in muscle recovery and keep you in your best shape at all times.

Being able to recover anywhere and any time is vital, especially if you do strenuous activities. If you’re searching for the best massage gun, Gravity is exactly what you’re looking for. We offer two types of massage guns that would work best for your needs and lifestyle. Check out our massage guns today!