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Massage Guns vs. Foam Rollers: What's the Difference?

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Foam rollers and massage guns are two of the most popular and effective tools for mobility, muscle recovery, and pre-workout muscle activation. Still, most of us aren’t sure exactly which we should be using. You might be wondering when and how to best incorporate each tool into your pre and post-workout routines. Though both foam rollers and top-rated massage guns increase circulation and ease muscle tension, knowing the nuanced differences between them will help you maximize the effectiveness of each recovery tool.

Two of the most popular recovery tools are foam rollers and massage guns. If you’re confused about whether to use a foam roller or a massage gun to help you recover from an intense workout session, you’re probably not alone. To make sense of the situation, it might help to understand how each tool works and the right time and place for using each one.

Foam Roller Benefits and Uses

Foam rollers are affordable, portable, and versatile, and they can help you meet your fitness goals by increasing blood flow, improving muscle function, and easing muscle tightness.

Intense workouts, injuries, and everyday stress can lead to tight muscles, soreness, and other fitness woes. Foam rollers are designed to help you massage and relieve tension in your muscles for less soreness and better performance.

Foam rollers are used for self-myofascial release (SMR), which is a hands-on form of self-massage that involves applying pressure to your muscle and connective tissue to relieve tension and increase blood flow to the affected area. Foam rollers can help you target the hard-to-reach, deep muscles and connective tissue in your back, legs, arms, shoulders, hips, and glutes.

Massage Gun Benefits and Uses

Massage guns are one of the best ways to target trigger points, which are knots or tight areas that are commonly found in muscles. Trigger points can develop when muscles are stressed and injured, and they can lead to pain and other physical problems, but massage guns can target these points and ease muscle pain. They’ll help you get rid of trigger points that may be causing you physical problems and giving you less range of motion, so you’ll be less likely to suffer from sore muscles, strains, and other physical problems.

Massage guns can also help you relax, which is an integral part of a healthy recovery routine. A relaxing massage can help reduce stress, which can make it easier for you to fall asleep and improve your rest. It can also help you improve your mood and feel more confident and comfortable, which can make it easier for you to feel your best and perform at your best in your everyday life.

Which Tool Is Right for You?

Both tools have their pros and cons, so an important first step is figuring out which one will work best for your lifestyle and fitness goals. Foam rollers are more affordable, portable, and versatile, but they can be difficult to use, and they don’t offer the same targeted, deep-tissue massage as massage guns do.

A massage gun can penetrate deep, providing a better and longer massage than a foam roller. If you’re looking for an easier, more convenient way to give yourself a massage or want a massage that focuses on sensitive trigger points, a massage gun might be better for you.


We can use foam rollers and massage guns to provide ourselves with a range of benefits, but it’s important that we understand the subtle differences between them if we want to make the most of our routines. No matter which tool you choose to use, always remember to take it easy, respect your body and be gentle to ensure you don’t further damage your muscles.

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How to Effectively Use a Massage Gun on Your Body

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Having an intense workout session is such a rewarding experience, but it can leave you feeling a little sore after doing it. Now, there have been many remedies for sore muscles that have been introduced over the years. 

However, there is one solution that seems to be garnering a lot of attention lately—massage guns. These are tools used in percussion therapy or the process of striking muscle tissue to help you recover from an intense workout. Let’s look at how massage guns should be used effectively to maximize their effect on your muscles.

The Power of Percussion Therapy

Percussion therapy is the process of striking a muscle to help treat pain, swelling, and stiffness that are often caused by an intense workout. It’s a technique employed by a wide range of professionals, not just massage therapists, physical therapists, and chiropractors but also by trainers and other fitness professionals.

This technique is frequently used following an intense workout or an injury. It’s usually applied to one or several areas of the body. The pressure from the percussion gun is transferred through the tissues. This helps break up scar tissue and any adhesions that can form when you’re injured. This helps relieve pain, swelling and pain.

How Should a Massage Gun Be Used for Percussion Therapy?

If you have an injury, you should always consult with your physician. Then, you should use a massage gun only after you have got the go-ahead from your doctor.

First of all, you should make sure that you have a massage gun that meets the standard guidelines to ensure safety. A lot of manufacturers manufacture massage guns that don’t meet the required safety standards. If you’re going to use a massager gun, make sure that it has a safety trigger. Also, make sure that the cord is long enough to reach the body part that you’re going to use it on. Here's are a couple of tips on using the massage gun effectively:

Always use a Massage Gun with a Padded Handle

You should never use a massage gun on bare skin, as it can cause more harm than good. Always start with a massage gun with a padded handle. The padded handle offers more control and maneuverability when used.

Hold a Massage Gun with Both Hands

Hold the massage gun with both hands as you apply it. While it might be tempting to hold on to the gun using just one hand, using both hands will allow you to have better control as you apply it to the right area. This will prevent you from applying it in an incorrect manner, which can cause injury.

Choose the Correct Type of Pressure

Understanding the correct method to apply pressure is essential. You should apply it with a light touch to loosen the muscles, then gradually increase the pressure. Repeat this process several times until the muscle feels loose and relaxed.

Massage with Forward and Backward Strokes

Don’t forget to apply the massage gun with forward and backward strokes. A massage gun is not just for working muscle tissue in one direction. It is also essential to apply it in two directions, letting you reach all the muscle groups that you’re going after.

How Often Should You Use a Massage Gun?

This is another question that you should know the answer to.

You should only use the massage gun for a maximum of 15 minutes. As flattering as a massage gun feels, don’t go overboard. Your muscles will get used to it and will require longer and stronger stimulation to have the same effect. It is important that you do not overuse it as this can increase the risk of injury. It is better to have a few shorter massage sessions than to have one that is too long.


Now that you’re armed with a few tips on how to use a massage gun properly, you can start planning the sessions that’ll leave you feeling more relaxed and refreshed. Just remember to first consult your doctor before you start using one for the first time.

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4 Reasons Why Runners Should Invest in a Good Massage Gun

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A massage gun is a machine that uses small vibration and pressure to work out a tight muscle. It has a rolling head that moves back and forth over the muscle and delivers a soothing massage. It's a massager that provides a deep tissue massage with less effort required.

Massage guns come in all shapes and sizes. Others come with a standard massage head. Meanwhile, other packages include various other heads to provide different sensations and target specific areas better.

Having a massage gun handy can be a real blessing—especially for runners. Today, let's explore all the reasons why runners should invest in a good massage gun.

Here's what you need to know:

Reduces Muscle Soreness

The vibration of a massage gun helps the muscle tissue to respond and relax. This increases the blood flow and improves the flexibility of the muscle. 

As the muscle fibers tighten, the muscle becomes stiff and less flexible. The heat generated by the massage gun's vibration can increase and loosen the muscle, thus reducing muscle soreness.

Helps Prevent Injuries

The deep tissue massage provided by a good massage gun can help regenerate soft tissues, improve blood circulation, and increase oxygen supply to the muscles.

This, in turn, reduces muscle fatigue and tightness, which can reduce muscle injuries. It can also help people recover faster from muscle injuries by loosening stiff and sore muscles.

Aids in Faster Recovery

A massage gun is a good tool for those who want to recover faster after a hard workout. This is because it can help you relax the muscle and reduce the pain, which will help you recover.

Most runners experience a lot of muscle soreness after running. Massage guns help you relax the muscles, reducing both pain and soreness, and this will help you recover faster.

Massages Away Tension

The high-frequency vibration of massage guns can help release the tension in your body. It will also help loosen the tight muscles and relieve stress and fatigue.

People who do intense running usually need a good massage on the affected muscles. It helps loosen the tight muscles and provides relief from fatigue and stress. It also helps prevent the muscle soreness you experience after a long run.

Counteracts the Negative Effects of Running

Running, especially long runs can negatively affect the body. The impact of the foot being lifted up then brought down again can cause discomfort in the lower part of the leg. This can lead to runners suffering from shin splints, calf injuries, and the runner's knee.

The massage gun can help ease the pain. The rolling head of the massager helps stimulate and relax the muscles. It can help recover the sore muscles and reduce the chances of further injuries.

The Bottom Line

For those who want to start running or improve your training, you need to invest in a good massage gun. If you're looking for a tool for deep tissue massage, choosing a massage gun is a good idea. It's simple to operate, and it can be used for a long time without the risk of getting damaged. Plus, it can help you deal with muscle injuries and reduce the stress and fatigue you feel after long runs.

If you are looking for the best massage gun in Canada, you're in the right place. Gravity sells industry-leading percussive therapy massage guns. Active rest and recovery are essential parts of your health and fitness. With our tools, you can be sure you're receiving high-quality massages. Contact us today to learn more or buy online now!