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Understanding How Massage Guns Can Benefit Cyclists

Are you a cyclist who often experiences cramps? If so, you may be wondering if a massage gun can help. 

Massage guns are becoming increasingly popular to relieve muscle pain and tension. But can they also help with cyclists' cramps?

What Causes Cramps?

First, it's important to understand what causes cramps. The main causes are usually dehydration, electrolyte imbalances, or overuse of muscles. Additionally, while you are slumped over in the saddle on a chilly day, your nerves may be compressed, resulting in cramps.

Muscle cramps occur when your muscles start to spasm and contract uncontrollably, which causes sharp localized pain. Although cramps are often unharmful, they are crippling, and when they strike cyclists in the middle of a ride, it can be pretty challenging to continue riding until they have started to subside. 

Therefore, you should stay hydrated, warm up, and stretch before riding.

What Are the Benefits of Massage Guns?

The main benefit of using a massage gun is that it can help to improve blood circulation. When muscles are overworked, they can become tight and constrict blood flow. This can lead to cramping. In addition to improving blood circulation, massage guns can also help to reduce muscle soreness. 

How Can Cyclists Benefit From Massage Guns?

A powerful percussive massage can effectively stop cramps when they happen in the middle of a ride. This makes a massage gun a helpful accessory to have when riding with others and a lifeline for those who prefer to cycle alone. 

Frequent cyclists may encounter delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). This is the discomfort you experience several days after a strenuous workout or hard ride.

It is caused by tiny tears in your muscles that you develop when you exercise. The muscles feel sore and painful as they start to repair, and the tears begin to fill up with new muscle fibers. This may prevent you from exercising or riding again until the pain subsides.

According to a recent study, regularly using a percussion-based massager decreased DOMS-related pain. This reduces discomfort and encourages a quicker recovery after a strenuous, high-intensity ride.

How Can Massage Guns Contribute to Sleep Quality?

Studies have shown that massage can enhance REM and deep sleep cycles. Since most of our body's healing occurs during deep sleep, getting enough sleep is essential if we want to function well. Sleep also encourages the production of complex structures like proteins.

Because of this, massagers are quickly becoming an essential piece of technology in the equipment bags of athletes worldwide. 


If you do experience cramps when riding, a massage gun can help loosen up the muscles and increase blood flow. This will help reduce the pain of cramps and allow the muscles to recover faster. So, if you're a cyclist who is looking for a way to prevent or relieve cramps and improve sleep quality, a massage gun may be worth considering.

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