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3 Reasons to Invest in Portable Deep-Tissue Massagers

3 Reasons to Invest in Portable Deep-Tissue Massagers

Much like breathing and sweating, getting tired and feeling muscle soreness is a regular and even daily experience that our bodies go through.

Whether it’s from a hard training session, consecutive workdays that have built up a gnarly amount of back pain, or health conditions, dealing with muscle pain is always going to be inconvenient—no matter which way you see it. Unfortunately, discomfort and soreness will always be present in our lifetimes (especially as we age), which means that we have no choice but to manage them. 

When it comes to managing the muscle pain that you experience, the chances are that you’ve been using methods like stretching, massages, physiotherapy, patches, and medication. Although these methods are all great ways to help counteract the effects of soreness, there’s one particular tool that is especially effective when you invest in it: portable deep-tissue massagers.

Why you should invest in portable deep-tissue massagers

At one point or another, you’ve most likely heard of portable massagers to improve the recovery processes that our bodies have. Yet, none of them are quite as effective as deep-tissue options. 

Considering that the body has no hesitation when it comes to showing that it’s stressed out or suffering, it’s critical to invest in tools and methods that can help undo such effects. With the help of a high-quality deep-tissue massager, you can manage different symptoms like chronic pains, tight muscles, and lackluster blood flow! 

But what makes this particular appliance worth investing in? Here are a few reasons you should invest in a massager right away: 

Reason #1: It’s easy to bring around

Of course, how could we not mention the fact that portable deep-tissue massagers do exactly what they’re named as? 

With a top-quality massager, you can ensure that your body and its muscles are getting the TLC they deserve regardless of where you are or what time it is. Compared to a massage parlor that’s only available at certain times of the day and requires tedious scheduling, a portable deep tissue massage is just an arm’s length away and ready to be used the moment it’s needed! 

Reason #2: It’s easy to use

One of the most prominent benefits of using a portable deep-tissue massager is that it works especially well when it comes to ease of use, making it perfect for even the newest of self-care practitioners. Because they’re outfitted with ergonomic designs and long-lasting internal battery packs, massagers like our Gravity One only need to be pointed at a sore area and turned on to work fully!

Reason #3: It’s cost-effective

When you look at how much a portable deep-tissue massager is, you’ll most likely already think that it’s a cost-effective option well worth considering. However, just wait until you consider how much you save.

With this appliance, you’re essentially paying for the services of a deep-tissue massager without worrying about session costs, transportation expenses, or any other similar payables for the sake of helping your body recover. Over time, you’ll eventually get to save thousands to tens of thousands of dollars by simply keeping your body’s much-needed treatments well within reach!


If you want to keep your body as limber and soreness-free as it should be, then it’s clear that you’re better off renting a portable deep-tissue massager that can help manage your aches and pains. With this device's help, you’ll be able to ensure that you keep everything in perfect or near-perfect working order so that you don’t put yourself through unnecessary pains or hurdles ever again!

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Ways to Operate a Massage Gun to Improve Your Training

back pain

Whether you’re an athlete, gym buff, or fitness enthusiast, one essential way to improve your workout regimen and speed up your recovery days is by using a massage gun. It’s a modern-day invention that offers deep muscle treatments to target certain areas of your body.

When using a massage gun for the first time, it may take a while before you get used to it, but keep in mind that it aims for enhanced healing and recovery of your body in the long run. Considering using the device as part of your workout routine keeps you energized and ready to take on fitness in a new and improved light.

Keep reading below to find out how to incorporate the muscle massager throughout different areas of your fitness training to give you an easier time recovering from intense sessions.

Using a Massage Gun Before Fitness Training

When you’re preparing for an upcoming training session at the gym or even a marathon, you should apply the massage gun as part of your pre-workout routine. The device helps to loosen your blood flow, minimize the tension in your muscles, and wake up your nervous system.

However, keep in mind that you should refrain from using the device for a prolonged period to keep your body from becoming passive, which could affect your muscles’ optimum abilities. You can begin by targeting each muscle that belongs to an individual muscle group by hovering the head of the Gravity massage gun over it for thirty seconds at most.

Other than relying on the device, don’t forget to stretch your body correctly and focus on doing dynamic stretches to keep your energy pumping. Just because you have a device to help you warm up, that doesn’t mean you should give up stretching altogether. For best results, create an interval and use the device over your muscles every ten seconds to really give your muscles a good headstart.

Using a Massage Gun During Training

When you’re in the middle of your training, if it’s possible to use your massage gun, you should grab the opportunity, by all means, to let it serve as the boost you need to keep going. The device works by conditioning your muscles to continue serving their purpose once you’re slowly starting to experience weariness even though you’re still in the middle of your routine.

If you’re already experiencing fatigue during training, you can learn how to relieve sore muscles by applying the massage gun to reduce the tension you’re feeling in your muscles. It serves as the push you need to take on your remaining sets, complete your drills, and finally finish strong.

In a way, using a massage gun during training serves as a reset for your muscles and body to prevent you from giving up when you’ve already come so far. All you need to do is apply it over your affected muscles for about fifteen seconds to manage the tension and recharge yourself enough to perform your last set correctly.

Using a Massage Gun After Training

Every time you finish a good workout session, it’s likely that all you have in your mind is to get your well-deserved rest and refuel yourself by eating good food. If you want to remain in a calm state, you could use a massage gun to encourage better muscle recovery.

Rather than withhold your muscles from the significant effects of the device, this time, you can leave the massage gun over specific muscles much slower and for an extended duration. You can keep it there for at least two minutes to stimulate your sympathetic nervous system and convince your body that it’s okay to rest too.


Including a massage gun as part of your training is an essential way of accomplishing your goals much better and faster. Whether it’s before, during, or after a workout, a massage gun assists with muscle pain relief because it targets the right areas and encourages excellent outcomes with consistent use.

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The Healing Wonders of Massage Therapy Devices for Your Muscles

massage gun

If you’ve ever got out of a workout routine with sore muscles, you know how it feels to walk around with the nagging pain. While some would use relief ointments to regulate the pain, others would simply apply a hot compress. These are all valid solutions; however, they aren’t as fast and effective as massage therapy devices. 

Massage therapy devices are far too many nowadays. While some may guarantee immediate relief towards your muscles, others may take time to loosen them up. Depending on the tightness and level of pain that you are feeling right after working out, there are various devices specifically designed to handle each and every one of them. 

If you are not sure which one would work best for you, look no further than our examples below.

A Hand Massager

If you’ve been lifting weights, the chances are that your hands are getting numb from carrying dumbbells around for almost a whole day. We haven’t even touched on the other forms of “torture” that your hands may have gone through while at the gym. Supporting your weight during push-ups, straining beyond its limits while at the cable machine, and pounding it hard at the punching bag would definitely put a lot of pressure and fatigue on it! 

A hand massager would relax your hand muscles and joints from all of the tightness and strain caused by your workouts. It may come in the form of a small battery-operated device vibrating to stimulate your muscles. Some manual massagers also come in the form of small balls made up of foams and rubbers.

A Back Massager

Back pains usually occur after a heavy workout. This is because lifting heavy weights involves the support of your back muscles. Without the help of your back strength, you may not be able to lift your barbell at chest level. This generally applies to all types of exercise that involve lifting, much so are the ones that require you to bend over and pick up something heavy. 

If you did not stretch before the routine, then you may feel more pain afterward. It’s a good thing that back massagers exist! Much like your typical hand massager, there are battery-operated variants that vibrate according to the level of the hand dial. The higher you’ll crank up the dial, the more vibration you’d get from the device. Back massagers usually come with a strap so that you can wear them like a belt.

A Massage Gun

Also known as percussive massagers, massage guns aren’t like your typical massage therapy device. They are more customizable, have a longer-lasting battery life, and can be used to treat any muscle in your body. You can actually remove the rubber ball at the nozzle and replace it with another shape to focus on the affected muscle! 

You can also adjust the dial to fit the type of massage you’d like to apply to your body. If you only need a slight touch, a slower tempo would be appropriate for it. On the other hand,  a really tight pain would require more vibrations and a much larger shape at the nozzle.


Muscle tightness is literally a real pain in the backside. Your workout routines and daily activities are a living proof of that. Why settle for slow-acting ointments and hot compress when you can choose effective massage therapy devices instead? Various devices promise to loosen your muscles and mitigate the pain, and while not all of them are effective, some are definitely well-designed to target the pain area efficiently. Take your pick and go for the one that would rid all the nagging pain in your body.

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