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Using Massage Oils Are with Your Percussion Massager

Using Massage Oils Are with Your Percussion Massager

Although over-the-counter pain medicines are widely available and inexpensive, you shouldn't use them haphazardly. The consequences of long-term usage of painkillers can be devastating and even lethal. For this reason, fitness enthusiasts typically invest in massage oils and percussive massagers.

Dealing with Pain Through Massage Oils and a Percussion Massager

Stroke, stomach and kidney problems and liver damage are only some side effects of certain medicines. The more opioids you take, the more likely your body will adjust to them and stop responding normally. Additional unfavorable implications of prolonged pain drug use include mental health disorders, depression, and a weaker immune system. By avoiding medicative treatment, people can protect their body while dealing with their pain.

In this article, we’ll share the secret recipe of using massage oils with your percussion massager to soothe your chronic body pain.

Perform an Allergy Test 

Choose massage oils if the potential downsides aren't worth it, and you'd instead use something natural. You won't have to fear about any adverse reactions from using massage oil unless you happen to be allergic to one of the components. To be on the safe side, you could do an allergy test on your skin by doing the following: 

  • Take some water and dilute the oil.
  • Apply a little amount to the inner side of your arm.
  • Wear a bandage or a towel over it.
  • After a day, you should remove it.

It is not recommended to consume massage oils as they are intended for topical use only. Using it on other portions of your body is probably safe if you notice itching, irritation, or swelling. Diffuser fumes can be dangerous to humans and animals if inhaled unknowingly.

Find the Right Essential Oil

What should you seek out in massage oils? To get the full pain-relieving effect, the oils you use shouldn't be unpleasant, abrasive, or annoying; instead, they should create a pleasant, soothing sensation.

Find ones that won't leave a sticky or greasy residue first. Applying massage oils to your body has the intended effect of alleviating stress and pain. Why bother using massage oils if they do their job of reducing pain at the expense of causing new discomfort elsewhere? It would be best if you searched for a pain reliever that is effective and comfortable to wear.

The next thing to regard is the ease with which the massage oil may be applied and rubbed. It needs to be convenient to apply by just rubbing it all over the places it's needed. Using an oil that is not too thick and sticky will make applying it much easier and more pleasant.

Lastly, go for oils that sink in quickly. The massage oils' ability to quickly absorb into the skin's pores implies that you can feel their therapeutic effects more swiftly. That's right, the faster you get relief from it, the faster it absorbs. If you're not fond of the aroma of massage oils, you'll be relieved to know that speedier absorption means the scent will fade more quickly.

Bring Out Your Percussion Massager

Nothing beats using a handheld percussive massager with massage oils when relieving muscle tightness and swelling. You can choose the oils depending on their aromas and therapeutic properties, and I can suggest one that will help ease your aching muscles. Not showering before or after massage therapy can help your skin recuperate. 

  • Apply a sufficient quantity fitting the affected area. Apply to the skin and massage gently.
  • Pay special attention to the areas of pain in your muscles and joints.
  • Use a warm towel to remove any excess oil.
  • With the percussion massager set to the desired intensity, start at the feet and work your way up, massaging in small, circular motions.


When you have muscle stiffness, massage oils can help you feel better without having to go to a therapist. The pandemic has made it difficult and even dangerous to work with other people. It's recommended to use percussive massagers and massage oils to alleviate the inevitable muscle discomfort of any physical preparation.

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