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A Deep Dive into Percussion Therapy

What sounds appealing after a long and tiring day at work or a grueling workout at the gym? A massage, of course! Unfortunately, it might not be the best time to head out for a massage, what with the current conditions. You might not even have the time to get one. Does that mean you simply have to endure the aches and pains you’re experiencing? Not at all! You just need to find the best percussion massager, and you’ll be just fine. 

What is a percussion massager, though? If you’re unfamiliar with it, don’t fret, as this post will share everything you need to know about a massage gun:

What Is Percussion Therapy?

Percussion therapy is an approach in massage therapy that intends to relieve sore muscles that commonly happen in strenuous activities like playing sports or working out at the gym. Muscles can get sore after staying in one position for long hours, so it’s not uncommon for office workers to experience them as they spend eight to twelve hours each day sitting in front of the computer. Percussion therapy involves the use of a massage gun that can strike a person’s muscle tissue in rapid succession to provide pain relief and even increase blood flow in that area. It can also improve one’s range of motion. 

Percussion therapy is just what it sounds like - a rhythmic type of massage. With this style of massage, blood can circulate better, and you’ll even experience faster muscle recovery. As you can guess, it can take the place of a massage therapist’s hands, so it’s perfect for when you want to experience the benefits of a massage without heading to a spa or therapy center. The massage gun’s popularity is growing even more as people prefer DIY approaches instead of going out because of the pandemic.

Percussion therapy is comparable to vibration therapy that makes use of vibrating plates or rollers, but the former takes the vibration up a notch with more intense pressure.

Does It Actually Work?

A recent study in 2019 showed that percussion therapy might be helpful against fatigued muscles. While more research is still needed to confirm its effectiveness, many can attest to how beneficial it can be in providing relief for sore and tired muscles. It even helps keep delayed-onset muscle soreness from occurring. And since those who have tried it are all praises, it’s definitely worth a shot.

Another study conducted among 16 healthy men showed that using a massage gun on their calf muscles resulted in a greater range of motion compared to just resting for that same amount of time. That sure shows promise, especially if you’re an athlete with limited recovery periods between your activities.

How to Use a Massage Gun

Massage guns are pretty simple to use. You just have to hold it gently against your skin and move it up and down the area that you want to address anywhere between 30 seconds and 2 minutes. Note that this may depend on your specific massage gun, so make sure that you check the instructions to get the best results.


Due to the daily stresses and the strenuous activities that you do, it’s important to relax at the end of each day and find ways to ease your chronic muscle tightness. Massage guns offer a DIY solution to your aching muscles without you having to go to a massage therapist. You can use it at home after your workouts or even at work during your breaks. Wherever you need it, a massage gun can be of help to you. That’s how convenient it is to have.

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