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Avoid Massaging These Body Parts with Your Gun Massager

If you have a busy schedule and are looking for the best way to relieve your muscle tension, tightness, and stress quickly, having a percussion massage gun is one of the best investments you can make. It is a great way to get a massage and address trigger points with just a few minutes a day! Plus, it's portable, compact, easy to use, and does not require installation.

But even though it is simple and safe to use, you need to be mindful of how you use it. Too much pressure in the wrong area can lead to internal harm. Make sure to avoid the following areas to ensure your safety.

1. Your Kidneys

Your kidneys are located in your lower back, close to the surface in the middle. To avoid injuring them, make sure that you do not massage the area with too much pressure. The kidneys are very delicate and sensitive to pain, so they could get overworked if you use the massager on them regularly.

2. Your Throat and Airways

The back of your throat and your voice box are very sensitive areas of your body. When you use a massager, you should avoid placing the massager on your neck and the sides of your throat. When you apply pressure to your throat, it can lead to serious problems, including throat hemorrhage. Therefore, avoid your throat and only use the massager on your back and shoulders.

The breathing passage (trachea), is located above the larynx, and you can feel it if you touch the front of your neck. If you place the massager too close to the trachea, it can also lead to severe damage. Watch out for your neck's right and left sides, and avoid placing the massager on your trachea. It would be best not to use your massager on the neck area.

3. Your Biceps Tendon

Your biceps tendon is a string of connective tissue just below your elbow. Using the massager in this area can lead to biceps tendonitis, a serious condition. So, you must be careful while using the massager on your arms.

4. Your Spine

It is very easy to injure your spine while using a massager. The spine is the part of your body that protects the spinal cord. This cord serves as a channel between your brain and the rest of your body—it’s made up of nerve fibres that transmit information to and from your brain. It includes sensory information, such as pain and touch, and motor information.

If you damage the spinal cord, it can lead to severe complications. To keep this from happening, make sure that you do not apply pressure too close to your spine. It's crucial to stay at least two fingerbreadths from the sides of your spine.

5. First Rib

The first rib is the first one closest to your head. The massager can easily burst the blood vessels in the area, and when the blood goes into your lungs, it can cause respiratory dysfunction. So, whenever you are massaging your chest, shoulders, and neck, make sure that you avoid applying too much pressure on your first rib.

6. Greater Trochanter

The greater trochanter is also one of the points to watch out for. It is located at the sides of your hip. When you use a massager on the site, you can cause damage to the surrounding tissues. That is why you have to be very careful and avoid applying pressure to your greater trochanter.


To get the best result for your home-massage sessions, It is essential to know what areas are the most sensitive to pain and which ones are the most dangerous to get injured. So, use your percussion massager safely and with caution. 

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