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Avoid Post-Workout Muscle Soreness With Percussion Therapy

Intense workouts, or even regular workouts, can cause your body to sore. Indeed, it’s natural to feel aches and pains after workouts, especially extreme ones, and all you need to do is wait it out for your muscles to recover. Muscle recovery is crucial in your fitness journey, which is why you must pay closer attention to how your muscles are recovering. An effective way to maximize blood circulation and tenderize the muscles after an intense workout is through percussion therapy. 

Percussion therapy is the latest treatment for soft tissues. The therapy helps enhance and quicken muscle fiber repair through rapid bursts of pressure deep into the body’s tissues. As a result, this treatment improves blood circulation to the body’s important areas, aiding in pain relief and function. You may also experience a gentle stretch, which contributes to your performance, flexibility, and physical response. 

How Does Percussion Therapy Work?

Percussion therapy utilizes a handheld device that is used in target areas of the body through gentle pulses. The motion softens the muscle tissue, and the rapid pulsing helps with pain and improves blood circulation. 

Many people think percussion therapy works like a traditional massage. However, what sets the therapy in question apart is that it desensitizes the surrounding area of the sore muscle by shocking the muscle fiber slowly until it reaches the spot. On the other hand, a traditional massage will not be able to penetrate hard-to-reach areas, which is why it won’t be able to take care of the root cause of the problem. 

Why Are The Benefits Of A Percussion Therapy?

This therapy can help reduce post-workout body soreness and cramps, which allows the body to heal and recover quickly. Aside from being used as a post-workout therapy, it’s also being used by world-class athletes as a warm-up. This is because the therapy is said to help treat the muscle fibers 30 times more than a regular massage. 

Percussion therapy is also known to help prevent Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS). DOMS occurs when you engage in a physical activity that stresses the body beyond the usual limit. 

A 2014 study published in the Journal of Clinical & Diagnostic Research states that vibration therapy “improves muscular strength, power development, and kinesthetic awareness. Furthermore, it states “effectively improves muscle performance, which may prevent DOMS.”

Should You Opt For This Therapy? 

Percussion therapy is for everyone who is physically active. You don’t need to do intense workouts at the gym or be a world-class athlete to benefit from this therapy. Even light or moderate workouts, as well as other physical activities, can cause muscle soreness. Instead of “waiting it out,” you can accelerate the recovery and healing process through percussion therapy that will also help boost your stamina and endurance. 

It’s also an ideal therapy for individuals who are too exhausted to go to a massage after a workout.


Don’t let yourself suffer from muscle soreness for prolonged periods. Percussion therapy will help you alleviate the pain and improve healing and recovery. With that, you’ll be able to get back to training without worrying about possible injuries because your muscles will be in good condition to work out or perform other physical activities. All you need now is to get the best massage gun, and you’re all set!

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