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athlete getting ready to sprint

Percussion Therapy: The Secret to Improving Your Athletic Performance

athlete getting ready to sprint

A strict workout regimen is nothing short of exhausting and physically demanding, causing athletes to turn to damaging pharmaceutical solutions such as muscle relaxants. Despite more natural methods of recovery, athletes are often seeking quick solutions to soreness and strains. Percussion therapy, however, is making its waves across Canada—if you haven’t heard of it, here’s what you should know.

What is Percussion Therapy?

A percussion therapy massage gun provides rapid bursts of pressure in short-duration pulses into tissues of the body to accelerate the repair of damaged muscle fibers. It enhances blood circulation and allows for pain relief, improving one’s function and range of motion.

By relaxing thickened connective tissue and breaking down adhesions, percussion therapy works to enhance flexibility, performance, and physical response. It also alleviates a lack of blood flow in the veins and lymphatic area.

How Does Percussion Therapy Work?

Most percussion therapists use handheld devices to supply jolts to the body to soften stiffened muscle tissue. Unlike traditional massages, percussion therapy desensitizes the area surrounding the sore muscle, shocking the fibers gradually until the target area is fully penetrated.

Deep tissue massages may offer instant relief but aren’t always useful in accessing deeper tissues and hard-to-reach areas. Therapy devices, on the other hand, can target specific areas more efficiently.

The Benefits of Percussion Therapy

Sufferers of muscle stiffness ofter favour percussion therapy over traditional methods for many reasons. Because it aggressively treats deep-tissue muscles, it also enhances oxygen distribution within the local topical area of the body. If you’ve been experiencing chronic post-workout pains and cramps, a vibration therapy gun can alleviate your symptoms quickly.

Other than standing in as a potent post-workout treatment, percussion therapy also makes for an excellent pre-workout warm-up. As it goes, it’s nearly 30 times more effective than standard methods and treats target muscle groups that you specifically want to improve.

Beyond the muscles, bones and joints benefit just as much from concentrated bursts of pressure.

Who Benefits Most from Percussion Therapy?

The simple answer is—anyone who needs it. Percussion therapy isn’t restrictive. Whether you’re a competing athlete, casual gym member, or even overly-sedentary, purchasing a Gravity gun can relieve all sorts of tightness.

Sometimes, after making the most of the positive effects of workout endorphins, a sudden lack of activity can leave you feeling beat. Thus, athletes use them to maximize training and performance.

If you work behind a desk and don’t have the time to indulge in a quick lunchtime brisk walk, percussion therapy can repair and recover stiff muscle fibers that don’t get much action.


Percussion therapy is available to anyone who can afford to invest in it. Athlete or not, you can heal, energize, and recover without ever having to leave your home to consult with a physical therapist. In the form of a massage gun, you can apply percussion therapy to yourself or a family member—and one device will be good enough for everyone.

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