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woman in white using a massage gun on her leg

Quarantine Self-Care: 3 Reasons You Should Buy a Massage Gun

woman in white using a massage gun on her leg

The world is at a standstill because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The adverse effects across industries are still rising by the day, as many businesses are struggling to maintain operations. Many consumers buy essential products to help them adapt to their indoor lifestyles. Bulk buying of cleaning agents and protective gear has become their priority. However, one unlikely product you wouldn’t think you’d need during the pandemic is a quality massage gun.

Should you buy a massage gun during a pandemic?

You’d be wrong to think that massage guns are a luxury purchase, especially during the pandemic. What will help you realize why it’s a worthy purchase is by thinking about coronavirus’s overall effects on society. Consider the restrictions to several industries and how it affects your indoor lifestyle. Massage guns help solve several problems that can arise due to the pandemic, such as muscle pain.

If you’re still reluctant to buy a massage gun, here are three reasons you should:

1. Relieves muscle pain

People have a recurring problem with living the quarantine life because they can’t visit establishments. Besides restricting access to restaurants and recreational centers, it’s also a complicated issue to go to doctors and hospitals to receive treatment for various types of body pain.

When you’re in pain, you can’t effectively do your jobs well, even if you have a work-from-home setup. Massage guns are excellent pain reliever tools, especially since you can’t visit a spa to relieve your body aches. By innovating the manual method of massaging, a massage gun’s easy-to-use form makes it simple to replicate the effects of traditional treatments.

2. Optimizes your workout routine

Working out is a necessary part of staying fit and healthy. Unfortunately, governments force people to stay indoors for safety. Thus, people who want to get a decent workout will have to adapt to home-gym setups.

Having a treadmill and a few sets of free weights is enough to get your blood pumping. If you don’t have either, there are plenty of bodyweight and core exercises you can do to stay active while being stuck indoors.

Besides its soothing effects, massage guns are useful for fitness routines as well. It can help massage your body as a pre-workout phase to warm up your muscles. You can also use them after a rigorous workout to reduce post-exercise spasms.

3. Relieves stress and tension points in your body

Although people initially thought staying indoors was an extended holiday, it can bring stressful moments as well. Not being able to meet with your loved ones or de-stress from work is a complicated experience for many people.

Massage therapy does more than relax your muscles and promote better blood flow. It also relieves stress and tension points in your body to help you relax. Unlike the conventional foam rollers and hand massages, massage guns can apply a soothing effect to your neck, shoulders, and upper back as long as you need it. It’s a cheaper and safer solution compared to finding a massage therapist to treat you at home.


Nations worldwide are still trying to cope with COVID-19’s effects on different markets and industries. Although staying at home may be your best chance at avoiding the diseases, it shouldn’t be a prison for you to live an unhealthy lifestyle. Massage guns give you the relief that you need, especially during today’s trying times.

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