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7 Essential Things to Remember When Using a Massage Gun

Massage guns are portable devices that can easily relieve muscle tension, aches, and pains. So, when you can’t go to the spa, how do you use a massage gun properly? Here are some things to keep in mind while using a massage gun:

1. Always Use the Correct Pressure

Massage guns firmly apply pressure. However, if you are applying pressure on a particular area and screaming in pain, you are using the gun at the wrong pressure. 

In such cases, you can either lower the pressure of the gun or move the gun a little away from the area and apply pressure again. Try always to use the minimum force required to get the job done.

2. Always Use the Correct Speed

Using a massage gun at the wrong speeds can cause more harm than good. In fact, high speeds can cause the skin to break, ultimately leading to infections. 

Always apply the massage gun at the appropriate speeds for the specific parts of the body. For example, use the massage gun at high speeds to get rid of the kinks on your fingers and toes.

3. Always Use the Correct Attachment

Different attachments are available specifically for other body parts. Spending some time on the internet will help you choose the proper attachment for different body parts. 

For example, a massage gun for the face will never be the same as a massage gun for the legs or the arms. Similarly, a massage gun for the head will never be the same as a massage gun for the shoulders and the back.

4. Always Use the Correct Oil

Using the wrong oil or oil that is too thick can negate the effects that a massage gun can deliver. Massage guns can be used with any lubricant. However, if your skin is prone to acne, use light vegetable oil or almond oil.

5. Always Apply Lotion After Massaging

After you have finished using the massage gun, you will notice the redness of your skin. Apply a good amount of lotion to your skin, and you will be good to go.

6. Always Use the Correct Part of Your Body

If you plan to use the massage gun on your feet, do not use the gun on your head or your hands. Also, don’t use a gun on certain parts of your body and then on the other parts. Keep everything separate for better and longer-lasting effects.

7. Always Wash the Gun After Use

Massage guns can get really dirty. After using the massage gun, you should always wash the gun using soap and water.

Without taking proper care of the gun, the massage experience can quickly go from good to bad. Hence, if you have a massage gun, don’t forget to maintain it well.


Massage guns are a great way to relieve body aches and pains. You can even use a massage gun to soothe aching feet after a long day. However, before you start using the gun, you should learn to maintain it well and use it accordingly.

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