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3 Benefits Weightlifters Can Get from Massage Therapy

3 Benefits Weightlifters Can Get from Massage Therapy

Weightlifting can take a toll on one’s body. That’s why the recovery process can just be as important as the training. And soft-tissue treatments, such as massage, can do wonders for recovery. 

Massage therapy can have positive physical effects on a weightlifter’s health and lifestyle. By addressing the body’s internal tissues, massage therapy can result in a number of benefits, such as improved circulation, enhanced flexibility, and muscle pain relief. This article will dive deeper and explore the benefits offered by massage therapy.

Improved Circulation

Massage therapy can help improve one’s blood circulation, and this can be pretty beneficial for weightlifters. You see, heavy weightlifting can result in microscopic damage to the fascial tissue and muscle. To repair this damage, there needs to be increased blood flow. This will allow the necessary nutrients to reach the muscles and tissues more quickly and commence repair.

Massage therapy can also impact circulation by addressing the tight muscles in the body. Tight muscles slow down the flow of blood to the muscles, resulting in slower progress in the recovery phase. 

The improved blood circulation from massage therapy can also have a positive impact on the lymphatic system. This can influence waste removal and allow for oxygen and nutrients to be supplied to the different areas of the body. With improved circulation, the weightlifter can recover more quickly and get back to training.

Enhanced Flexibility

A high degree of flexibility isn’t just required for gymnasts and divers. Weightlifters need that too to achieve optimal performance levels. This is where massage therapy comes into play.

Massage therapy allows the muscle fibers to stretch, enhancing flexibility. Since high-intensity training and competitions lead to muscle tension, a weightlifter can experience decreased flexibility. The disturbance in the collagen scar tissue and the development of adhesions resulting from weightlifting can also increase one’s risk of injury.

Unattended muscle tightness can also result in an imbalance in the muscles. And when this happens, it can compromise one’s flexibility and weightlifting form. So, it’s best to address muscle tightness with massage therapy to avoid reducing flexibility.

Muscle Pain Relief

They say pain is part of the process. But there are ways to alleviate the pain and make yourself feel more comfortable during the recovery process. One way to do so is through massage therapy. 

Massage therapy can help with muscle pain relief, whether it’s from overworking your muscles or sustaining an injury. Even when the pain is acute, it can still affect the weightlifter’s performance. So, the goal is to lessen the pain through massage therapy to allow the weightlifter to perform better. 

When the pain is a result of injury, physical therapy is often recommended by the doctor. And physical therapists often incorporate massage into the therapy to help with the pain and improve recovery. 

In Summary

The recovery phase is an important part of weightlifting. And with the use of massage therapy, one can quicken recovery and get back to training sooner. Massage therapy can help a weightlifter by improving circulation, enhancing flexibility, and providing muscle pain relief.

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