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Electric Massagers: Do They Effectively Build Muscles For You?

People find creative ways to boost their fitness routine and fast-track their goals, but aside from playing around with different workouts, adding electric massagers to the mix seems to be the next buzzword impressing athletes and gym buffs everywhere. These are massage guns that help speed up recovery after a physically tolling activity, but surprisingly, they do more for your muscles than just healing.

The Many Wonders of Massage Guns to Your Sports and Workout Routine 

Massage guns have been dominating the world of wellness as they offer a quick, convenient, and accessible way to ease sore muscles and recover from sports injuries or heavy workouts. It’s an easy form of therapy that allows active people to bounce back after an intensely physical performance, providing instant stress relief and relaxation that soothes the tight tension throughout the body. 

Massage guns are known to increase tissue metabolism and improve blood circulation, allowing more oxygen and nutrients to travel all over the body to promote effective healing. All in all, massage guns can effectively relieve muscle constriction, increase flexibility, and improve muscle mobility, but users found that they can also help build muscles in some way or form. 

From guaranteeing speedy recovery, improving sleep to providing more nutrients to your muscles, massage guns can help you reach your fitness goals in more ways than one. 

Electric Massage Guns: Do They Also Promote Muscle Building?

As more nutrients circulate through the muscles, massage guns allow the body to heal faster and grow significantly. The science behind the perceived muscle growth roots from the body’s need for deep-tissue recovery, which helps release tension, allowing you to get back on track faster and improve your performance.

But how exactly does a massage gun help build muscles? Well, the vibrations stimulate muscle contractions without putting stress on them, which helps tone the muscles further as blood flow increases with every vibration. While it won’t magically help you lose weight or look buff, adding massage guns to your routine can aid in your progress to getting a chiseled body. 

The Bottom Line: The Wonders of Massage Guns for Building Muscles

With an electric massage gun, you can certainly gain all the pain that comes with building your strength! Keep in mind that massage guns shouldn’t replace exercise or your diet—they’re not made to be a holy grail that can pick up your slack and handle all the heavy lifting.

To that end, massage guns are an excellent tool that can improve your recovery after an intense workout and help push your strength to the next level as it ensures your muscles get all the nutrients it needs to grow. 

Where Can You Find the Best Massage Gun in Canada? 

If you’re looking to bolster your muscle recovery, we offer the best percussion massager for anyone looking for quick and easy ways to ease muscle tightness, joint pain, stiffness, or simply improve blood circulation. 

Whether you’re a professional athlete, sports enthusiast, gym buff, or need accessible, at-home physical remedies for chronic muscle pain, our extensive selection of massage guns can guarantee relief on the go!