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Sciatica Management: Will a Massage Gun Be Helpful?

The body can go through quite a lot of pain on several levels. One of the most common pain you’ll feel is sciatica, caused by your sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve goes from the lower back all the way to the buttocks, hips, and down the leg.

Sciatica Explained

It's so common that, according to Science-Health, up to 40% of the population is affected by it at some point. Usually, this type of pain is one-sided. On the extreme end, the pain can be very intense. However, in some cases, it can be pretty mild. Triggers or causes vary, but the usual ones include the likes of:

  • Back strain (from heavy lifting and similar situations)
  • Piriformis syndrome (deep gluteal pain syndrome, wherein the nerve root is compressed and muscles tighten)
  • Pregnancy (from pressure on the sciatic nerve because of the baby)
  • Swollen fascia around the muscles
  • Trigger points and/or tense muscles

Will a Massage Gun Be Helpful for Sciatica?

The short answer is: yes, absolutely. Alleviating the pain that comes with sciatica will absolutely be helped along with a massage gun. Chances are, however, that there's an underlying issue that needs professional treatment by a doctor.

In seeking relief, treatment, and pain management, many people turn to massage therapy and painkillers. Massage guns are one of the things sciatica sufferers consider to help alleviate the pain and discomfort. 

Massage guns, which are basically electronic tools, are great for dealing with various ailments. Physiotherapists and other medical practitioners have welcomed using them in treatments. 

Here are key avenues of sciatica treatment that involve massage gun use:

Mental Relaxation

Stress relief and relaxation are ideal for keeping your mental wellness in check, and a great way to achieve these is through the use of percussion massagers. Massage guns not only send vibrations, but they also trigger and promote endorphin release, too. In turn, it can calm the person's nervous system. Any sensitivity around the nerve root and/or the sciatic nerve to pressure will be decreased considerably as well.

Physical Relaxation

Percussion massagers can deliver this with little to no issue for anyone aiming to get a deep tissue massage. It achieves this through decreasing muscle tone and loosening soft tissue layers. Blood flow improves, and so does tissue pliability; as a result, sciatica-induced pain will be relieved.

Why Own a Massage Gun?

Owning a massage gun has the obvious benefit of being able to use it for sciatica pain alleviation as needed. With the proper kind, a deep tissue massage can very well be achieved, too. Since those devices are rather compact, it means that they can be packed easily for travel purposes.


Sciatica is the term used for pain that shoots through the sciatic nerve. It can range anywhere from mild pain all the way to extremes, usually triggered by the likes of back strain, pregnancy, or swollen fascia around the muscles. Thankfully, there are ways to address sciatica, including a massage gun. A massage gun will be great for mental relaxation, physical relaxation, and pain alleviation, whether for sciatica or other conditions.

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